Thursday, June 21, 2012



Elizabeth is ready for a leg and BaJabs is too!!!

BaJabs had clinic today -- clinic is wonderful -- it is a time where we stay in ONE room and each professional who works with us -- visits us.
So ......

Nurse, social worker, physical therapist, occupational therapist, surgeon/doctor and prosthetic technician


yes, it takes a couple of hours


it saves tons of time if I had to make individual appointments with each one.

BaJabs is doing GREAT!!!
She grew 2 inches since her last clinic -- 6 months ago.
that means a new leg is in order!!!!

NEXT -----
We ran to lunch ....
Came back to the prosthetic office and started the molds.

Our 'normal' leg maker is off on medical leave so are meeting some new staff :)
BaJabs has Mr. P -- who is awesome.
Elizabeth has Mr. T -- again, he was GREAT with her.

They let us stay in one room and they took turns with the girls.
They were wonderful and let BaJabs go first so Elizabeth could watch what was going to happen.

BaJabs is a pro at this!!!

 Getting started with the mold.

 Wrapping the leg with plaster -- the yellow plastic 'cord' is where they cut the mold to get it off.

Waiting for it to set-up.

Elizabeth was a bit nervous but excited!

Getting ready!

 Mr. T examining the leg and deciding the BEST way to go.

 Getting the leg ready to wrap.

The plaster mold.  Mr. T was having fun with it while it dried!


When it was time for the mold to come off -- well, it did not want to cooperate!!

 Mr. J came in to help get the mold off -- 

He kept trying -- and you can see Elizabeth is getting nervous.  The knee where the screws are -- is still tender.

Yes, she got nervous and it hurt a tad bit.

 Yes, the scissors had to be used AND Mr. J did NOT hurt her ;)

 It's starting to wiggle.

It's coming -- we think!  LOVE this picture because BaJabs is being such a GREAT sister.  Look at her hand around Elizabeth's back.  My mom is taking a deep breath and PRAYING it will come off!!

BUT finally --- off it came!

LOVE this!!!  They are all so great with each other :)

We did finally figure out why she did NOT WANT A LEG!!

She thinks that she has to go to school when she gets it.  

Well, we finally figured out why ----
When the kids in her orphanage went to school they left -- ALL week.
Like our boarding schools!
She told me, 'I don't want school --- I want YOU!!!'
Well, once we explained how we do school and what was REALLY going to happen ....
Well, a leg sounds pretty good ---- NOW :)

Really, Elizabeth is doing great.  Her leg is healing wonderfully.  The bottom of her 'stub' is very tender and sensitive.  So, we have to rub it, scratch it and put a bit of pressure on it daily.  She needs to be ready to wear the prosthesis.

The girls did fabulous -- it was a really long day!
We rushed home to make it to swimming lessons -- late :)
JM's baseball game.  
WOW -- a BIG day!!!