The Farm

Welcome to
Woller Shady Lane Farm

     Our farm is located in rural western Michigan.  We have row crops -- corn, soy beans, sunflowers, hay, wheat.  We also grow asparagus and sweet corn.  We raise steers.  The boys -- Matt and his brother Jack -- manage the family farm.  Their sisters and the family help in various other ways during the busy season.  Their sisters especially take care of the fresh market asparagus.  We also have a few road side stands up where our produce is sold. 
     During the winter months the farm is much slower.  The boys work on fixing the equipment, organizing for spring, delivering hay, bagging sunflowers and many other catch-up things they neglected during the busy season.  The farm is beautiful during the winter.  

Driving up to the farm.  

The entire 'Woller' Family 2012. 

     Stay tuned for updates from the farm -- when crops are coming on or just fun tidbits.