Tuesday, May 19, 2015

My Darling's School Concert

My Darling's 4th grade school concert

The Wild West

This is our first 4th grade concert at this school as the boys went elsewhere at this age.  So, I did not know what to expect.  BUT being an elementary teacher for so long -- well, I thought I had an idea!

Although, I was amazed.  There was only 1 student missing -- because of illness.  EVERYONE else showed up.  This is unbelievable.  So, I asked the music teacher about it.  She explained, she gives the students ownership.  She gives them the theme and they come up with what they want to perform.  So, the kids really WANT to be there in the evening to perform for the parents.  
Each group was unique and awesome!

The entire group singing together.

The entire group playing their recorders TOGETHER.

The catus and Wild Bill.

My Darling's 4th grade class playing the steel pan drums.  

My Darling with a couple of friends sang together with My Darling having a solo in the middle.  She shocked me!  Her voice sounded great!

A few of My Darling's friends wanted to do a tap dancing number.  Well, My Darling has NEVER tapped before but was willing to learn for this number.  Her friends taught her the number and she practiced LOTS --- but she did it!!!

One of the 4th grade classes did a light show.
This was amazing!
All the classes back on stage to say good-bye!

Thanks to Mrs. W. for all her hard work with the students.  
The love for music and the arts is wonderful!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Girls On The Run!!!

Girls on the Run!!

I LOVE this program!!!

My Darling and BaJabs both were involved this year.  Elizabeth was too close to surgery and all her therapy to participate -- BUT she is hoping to try next year ;)

The girls have been training for a few months.
They meet in group and talk about self-image, friends, healthy living and girl POWER!!  They also run together 2 times a week.
The girls and their small group.
Montague has over a 100 girls in this program.

BaJabs just watching for a bit trying to figure out what was going on.
There are SO MANY girls at this run!!!  It is really a bit overwhelming YET exciting!!

All the girls sign each others shirts as encouragement BEFORE the run.
This year all Montage girls wore green long socks instead of matching hair pretties -- it was so much easier to find our runners in the race!

My Darling and BaJabs BEFORE the 5K.

Most of the Montague girls listening to last minute instructions.  You can see My Darling with her running buddy, Ms. B.

The 4 cousins all racing today!

AND the race begins -- 
WOW -- look at all of the runners -- over 1000!!!

Here they come!

The little one waving is one of the cousins!

I stood towards the end of the race.  This is my first glimpse of My Darling.  She was still running strong!

My Darling finished with her BEST time -- 26 minutes.  

This was my first glimpse of BaJabs.  She is running strong as well!

The three girls stayed together the whole race.
BaJabs AMAZES me!!!  She ran without a limp -- You could not even tell she had a prosthesis leg on AND she does NOT have a running foot on it!

She ran in 33 minutes -- which was pretty good for her.

Our two girlies at the end!

My Darling with her running partner!
I love that Ms. B said, My Darling was her encourager and helped her!!  The goal was to run the ENTIRE time without walking!  AND they did it!!!

All the signatures!

Again, if your child has the opportunity to do this -- do it!!!  
This is NOT competitive.  They are working on doing their personal best and encouraging each other!  It is GREAT!!

After the race we go out for a big breakfast.

I could not believe the My Darling wanted this big omelet -- she ate all but a few bites!

Yummy, some nice hot chocolate with whip cream!

Both girls are planning at least one more run this month -- so, they will continue training on their own.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

JM's week -- Amazing!!! Whiz Kid and Last Middle School Band Concert!

JM and another year as a WHIZ KID!!!

In order to be a Whiz Kid, a student must maintain a B average all year.  
This was easy for him this year as he got all A's!

There was 56 out of 146 8th graders who received this award.

The school does a nice job honoring the students.
They bring in a speaker to encourage the students to keep working hard.


When the students go up to be honored the parents go as well.  The staff thanks the parents for being supportive in education of the child as it takes a team for the students to succeed.

JM was the only boy in 8th grade that dressed-up with a tie.  This was NOT his momma's pushing!!!  He chose it as he said this was an important night!

The entire group of 8th grade award winners.

JM is graduating from 8th grade this year.
So, they are given an EXTRA honor. 

IF the students were able to maintain a B average the entire 3 years in middle school they received a academic medal.  

YES, JM maintain an 'A' average all 3 years!!!
44 of the 8th graders received this award.

I LOVE that JM takes his academics seriously!!!  We AND he realize the Lord has blessed him with an ease of learning.  He LOVES to learn new info -- sometimes WEIRD tidbit info. BUT he loves it -- and that warms this 'teacher' moms heart!!!
The 44 students who earned the three year award.

JM with his new Whiz Kid shirt and gold academic medal.


This week JM performed in his last band concert


He has decided to not continue his career in band.  He is hoping to spend his electives on art/graphic kinds of things.

It was a very nice concert and he enjoyed all the music they played.  
He will continue to play his guitar, sing in worship and learn the drums (I'm not thrilled with that one;)) BUT he is finished with a full band 'thing.'

Monday, May 4, 2015

My Darling's Violin Concert

My Darling's Spring Concert.

This is My Darling's 3rd year in violin.  She loves playing and does such a nice job!
She LOVES music-- and the violin is a nice challenge for her.

You notice her in the middle -- she looks so little.  Most of the girls in her grouping are older than her -- it does not bother her, though!

She picked to do Amazing Grace in 2 octaves.
She also wanted Hanna M. to play the piano with her.

Yes, ALL music is completely memorized!

Oh, my -- they did WONDERFUL!!!  My Darling gets so focused and the sound she produced with her violin was beautiful!  


Hanna M. is an AMAZING piano player!!! 

Truly, they brought tears to my eyes this time!

She is also part of the Chamber group and they learned some Broque music this year.  So, while they were playing the music a young lady did some Broque dancing.  

My Darling so focused AND serious!

The two music makers together!

Saturday, May 2, 2015



MD and his girlfriend Ms.B do not go to the same high school. 
Unfortunately, both high schools happen to have prom on the SAME night.

So, they had to make a choice!

MD gave Ms. B the choice of what prom to go to ---


She chose MD's because it is his senior year AND she could go to her school's next year as a senior.  She was soooo kind!

Also, this is MD's first dance.  We are not really into these things but he figured it was his senior year so he should try it ;)

She did want to have pictures with her friends out at the beach.  

Of course, on the day of prom MD also had a baseball tournament!  YIKES!  They cut it close.  He got home around 5 and he had to be ready and arrive for pictures around 6.  He had to MOVE!!!

So thankful he was able to make it for pictures --

Because ..........

they turned out AWESOME!!!  

One of Ms. B's cousins is a photographer.  His work is wonderful.

They are a stunning couple! 

Ms. B is simply beautiful! 

They look so nice together! 

Our VERY handsome son!!! 

After we were at the beach we just HAD to snap a few pictures at the farm before they headed to dinner with friends.

They had a wonderful evening!  
A very nice dinner and a great time at prom.  MD did not really know what to expect but the text I got when prom was over, 
"Prom is done -- I had a blast!"  

I'm thrilled he had a GREAT time!!!

Hanna M. went to prom as well with some girlfriends.

I helped her do her hair and then dropped her at her girlfriends house so they could get ready together.  She only snapped a few pictures :( 

She looked beautiful!  

The girls went out for dinner -- lobster!
They had a great time at the prom as well!

So excited she was able to experience this American tradition!