Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

On Memorial Day

We remember all the men and women who have paid the ultimate price for our freedom.

THANK-YOU to all that have lost their lives


those that are/have served in US military to give ME and MY family our FREEDOM!!!!

We understand that FREEDOM is NEVER free!!!


This weekend we did just a few things BUT did spend time relaxing.  Which is something both Matt and I really needed!

Saturday we all slept in!!  OH, that felt so good.  

Matt and I did test drive a few cars.  AND yes, we settled on one.  I am excited. 
I'm thinking it might be moms car :)

Matt did work at the farm some BUT with the cool weather the asparagus slowed down.  He took the afternoon off BUT thanks to mechanical break downs he did work the evening.  

Sunday was a special Memorial Day service that was WONDERFUL!!
It was great for our kids to hear testimonies from veterans that also talk about how important God is for soldiers. 

We had an awesome lunch!!!  Asparagus brats, asparagus fries, loaded potato salad and watermelon.  YUM!!

After evening church we went out for ice-cream 

Yes, our girls are goofs!!  They are into RINOS and BUTTERFLIES!  They just make them laugh!!!  Who knows why???

a walk on the pier with 3 extremely giggly girls!!!

 YES, it is VERY cold!!!
BUT they all look GREAT!

I wish I could say MD is showing BaJabs something COOL.  BUT he's actually teasing her about throwing her in.  She just would NOT stop laughing.  This actually made her laugh more -- because she KNOWS he's joking with her!!!

We had fun being together!

Later today we have a family picnic.  

Thank-you LORD, for those that serve our country.  Please bless them and their families for sacrificing so much for our freedom!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Violin Recital

My Darling's 2013 Violin Recital

Oh, my she is growing up!!
She picked this material a few weeks ago.  AND she asked for this kind of dress.  I was not certain about it BUT did it because she wanted it.  Well, I LOVE the way it turned out!!! AND so did she.  Of course, she looks beautiful!

Violin is something My Darling LOVES to do!

She loves playing the violin --

She loves the 'music'
She loves that every Monday she gets mom ALL TO HERSELF on the way TO violin lessons and back!!!  It is our 'special' time together.  I LOVE it!

For this recital My Darling was given a solo.
It was a challenging one for her AND the first time she played with an accompanist.
She actually did not do well in rehearsal with the pianist.  
We practiced LOTS this past week and went early tonight to try again with the pianist.

MUCH better!

We prayed together and she was ready to go!

Tuning time --

There was a few full group songs.     

She plays with the older kids --

Her solo!

Final jam!

A fun end to the spring classes!

Oh, and of course she is planning on summer private lessons! 

Sunday, May 19, 2013


Asparagus has begun!

This season has been different.

It started a bit later than usual.  Which was fine by us!

We used that time to PLANT more asparagus!


It got warm quick and it was READY - NOW!


We picked!

 No worries we have 3 families of workers -- these girls are just having fun :)

Picking for our dinner and Other Nanny's!


It got cold ---- REALLY cold!


We lost LOTS and LOTS of asparagus.

This is the way it looks when it freezes.  AND yes, you just have to let it go.  It is all rubbery and useless!


Then the weather warms up ---




We have LOTS AND LOTS of asparagus!

Which means ---

I am now a farm widow ---
NO -- I'm not upset -- it's just the facts of a farm wife.

When the crop is ready -- you have to work it.  

AND yes, Matt is working -- LOTS!
PLEASE understand
 asparagus is not the only thing they do on the farm!


It also means the BEST dinners ever!


IF you would like some ----

 We have a stand on the corner of Lamos and Post.

It is also at Stibtz on Whitehall Road; a small stand on Winston Road east of the expressway; Montague Foods; AND many of the Meijers in West Michigan (it will say Shady Lane Farms on the purple rubber bands if it is from us.)

This year it taste BETTER than normal :)
Although, it could be because I sooooooo wanted it to be ready!

Enjoy it while it is on ---

 Creamed asparagus on rice -- YUM!

Our favorite -- broiled asparagus with cheese!!!

I will post some of my recipes over the next few weeks.  

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Whiz Kid

2012- 2013 
Whiz Kids
Academic Recognition Ceremony

at N.B.C. 

JM received an academic award.  

A student must maintain a B+ average on each of the 4 report cards in a given year.
If they do the student is invited to the ceremony with their parents to be honored.  They are given a certificate and a Whiz Kid shirt.  


If a student maintains this average all 3 years in Middle School they also receive a academic medal.  
The evening concludes with an ice cream social.  (ALTHOUGH, JM cannot have ice cream so we went out for slushies :))

This was a special evening for JM.

  • The school had a wonderful speaker that spoke about the power of 1.  Actually, it was very moving!
  • Each student was called up with their parents to be honored!

  • LOVED that the school thanked families for encouraging and helping their children achieve academic success.

148 6th graders; 61 were honored with the Whiz Kid award.

Good Job, JM!! 
Keep striving to do the best you can with what God has given you!!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Yes, I know this is a special day for mom's!!!
Yes, our children are suppose to do special things for us -- whether fixing a meal, buying a special gift or going somewhere -- REALLY, anything to make her feel appreciated!


Yes, my children and husband did that :)


I will get back to that .......  in a minute.

On this Mother's Day 

I want to take a moment to thank my heavenly Father for allowing me the privilege to be a mom.

Many, many years ago we were told we may not have children.  AND yes, it took a long time.  
Thankfully, God so generously blessed us with two boys from my womb --- 
years later kept throwing blessings upon me by allowing me to be the mother  of three precious girls from my heart!

WHY ME????
Yep, I've asked that :)
I still don't completely know.  


No matter the reason, I'm thankful.

I know as a mom there is soooo much to do ...
cook, clean, taxi drive, counsel, cuddle, organize/plan our busy life, attend many events, encourage, listen, teach, tutor, referee, LOVE, and oh, so much more!


The rewards are priceless!

MD -- the chats, hugs, DAILY asking ME about how my day of teaching went, loving to COOK -- oh, that helps me sooo much!  He sibling sits, loves farming and is just a fun kid!

JM -- keeping me up with ALL the sport scores -- yes, this helps me :)  Jokes, stories, dishwasher duty and still wanting to cuddle -- I know, I know it won't last too much longer BUT I'm thankful, still!

Elizabeth -- my crazy, goofy one!  Yes, she knows it and LOVES it.  She loves to try to get me before I get her -- with tickles, taps and pinches.  She LOVES a good tickling match.  She tells me all the time, "Momma, this food soo good.  This my new favorite!"  She amazes me daily with how much she has come through with a SMILE!

My Darling -- my professional talker!  This girl MAKES me laugh every day!  She has the wittiest way of talking -- she KNOWS she is getting  a laugh! She is so helpful with her sisters -- Ms. Boss.  Hmmmmmm..... where did she get that? ;)  I LOVE her stories and pictures that I find ALL over the house.  A MILLION journals with the craziest stories ---LOVE!!

AND BaJabs -- Ms. Cuddles!  My sensitive one.  It doesn't matter the kind of day you have had -- she loves being close.  This girl gives an AMAZING foot rub.  AND she has the best laugh ever!!!  AND once My Darling gets her going she CANNOT STOP :)  Yes, I have to forbid laughing some days!!!!

Who would NOT want this????
One of the greatest blessings was when the Lord made me a mom!!!

Yes, My Darling and I have matching dresses -- I PURCHASED from MOMI BOUTIQUE.  I made the matching skirts for Elizabeth and BaJabs.  

The kids along with dad, succeeded with dinner today -- with a tad bit of help from me ;)  I really don't like to go out to eat on Mother's Day.  

Apple/Onion with rosemary pork loin in the crock pot, cheesy potatoes, broiled asparagus, pineapple with gluten-free angel food cake and Nicaragua coffee for dessert!

They showered me with gifts as well!
The girls could not wait! 

My Darling and Elizabeth gave me 
The top 10 reasons why I love my mom!
Elizabeth's top 10:

10 I love my mom because she reads me "Meridith's wish."
9 I love my mom because she helps me get my clothes.
8 I love my mom when she laughs by tickling me
7 I love my mom because she taught me how to talk English.  (tears)
6 I love to hear my mom sing -- (now I'm laughing)
5  I love my mom because she finds time to clean the kichen. (her words)
4 I know my mom cares because she bought me a bike.
3 I know my mom is smart because she goes to school.
2 I love my mom because she works so hard at school
1 I love my mom because she's the BEST MOM EVER!!

I'm reading the card aloud.  Elizabeth could barely wait.  She held the present secret for 5 days and it just about did her in ;)

My Darling's top 10:

10 I love my mom because she reads me Dr. Seuss.
9 I love my mom because she helps me clean my messy room.
8 I love my mom when she makes me laugh by singing and dancing.  (YEP, I do this)
7 I love my mom because she taught me how to cook yummy food.
6 I love to hear my mom laugh at me.
5 I love my mom because she finds time to cuddle with me.
4 I know my mom cares because she spends time with me.
3 I know my mom is smart because she works at school and is a great mom.
2 I love my mom because she works so hard at making everyday great!
1 I love my mom because she's the BEST MOM EVER!!

And then they gave me picture frame magnets!
And some great COUPONS!!!

BaJab's wrote a story.
My Mother:
A True Story

My mom really likes to read (YEP).  My mom always forgets to grab her phonoe (her spelling AND yes, this is true).  My mom is happy when I obey her.  My mom's favorite color is purple (YEP!)
I love when my mom takes me on a tirp.  My favorite thing about my is that she  is pretty.  My favorite things to do with my mom are go out to dinner and go out for moveys.
My mother's hair is black.  My mom's eyes are brown (nope).  She is as tall as a stop sign (snort, snort -- NO) My mom looks the best when she wears her blue dress (I don't have one!)

AND the last two pages are pictures!

YEP, my purse is huge and loaded :)

BaJabs also gave me a great flower pen in a pot of coffee bean dirt! FUN!

 ALL Priceless!!!

The boys purchased the best card about being the glue that keeps the family together -- yep, they are STUCK to me :)
They also got me a great Tupperware item I wanted (Thanks for the hint to them nanny! -- NO I didn't tell her to do that!!!  BUT it was a wonderful surprise!)


My husband who again, thanked me for being a great mom!
He picked out TWO beautiful hanging flower baskets to go on my front deck!

I'm SURE you ALL would agree ......
I am so BLESSED!

Friday, May 3, 2013


It's Friday!!


Of course, it was crazy!!!!!!!!!!

BaJabs ended up with a blister on the bony part of her stub Wednesday night.
So, I she went to school 'legless' on Thursday and I contacted Mr. Mark at the prosthetic office.

Yep, they wanted to see her ASAP.  
Thankfully, for BaJabs they had an opening today at 2.


My Darlings' glasses had issues -- of course ;) 
A manufacture defect -- so, Matt brought them in yesterday and I was suppose to pick them up after school BUT I got a call and her lenses did not fit the new frames.  They brought them to a different office to have the lenses fixed BUT I would have to pick them up in N. Muskegon today or wait until Monday to get them at our regular office.
Yep, I opted for today -- since My Darling needs to see ;)

I went back to school last night until 11 to get everything done there --
All of us went to school this morning.
I taught three classes, had my plan -- helped with a student that got so sick we had to call 911.  
Played a speed round of basketball with a group of boys -- Yes, I can still do this ;) 
I did not read my body very well, and since I had to leave right after that -- I ran out.  
Thankfully, I checked my blood sugar before I drove (I felt terrible)  
Well, it was 38 -- which is VERY LOW!!

Yes, I know better than to drive.  So, I sat in the car and ate until it was higher.

***I picked up the girls at their school at lunch time

Love these colors on the girls -- They look beautiful and so springy!

***drove to Muskegon to get My Darling's glasses -- thankfully, they were ready and they were FAST!
***drove to GR to get BaJabs' leg fixed -- yes, that took 2 hours!  They had to grind the 'fake' leg to relieve the pressure!
***Stopped at the gluten-free bakery -- YUM!
***A quick stop at the mall -- of course, I got my cup of tea!  It tasted almost as good as China, today!  AND I needed it ;)

***We drove home -- girls watching a movie and mommy catching up on phone calls.  They insisted on Taco Bell -- no problem!
We did all this with Elizabeth being sick -- CAR SICK!!! 

We got home in time to see the boys for 5 minutes 
before they went with Dad and Dennis to see the new IronMan movie.


After a LONG and CRAZY day ---
What do I do to chill ...........

Watch princess movies and give pedi/manicures!!!

I even did jewels this time .....  
The girls loved it --- 
it took a bit more effort than I thought I had in me tonight!

All children went to bed happy --

What more could a mommy want????

Please ..... a calm Saturday ;)