Sunday, July 20, 2014

YueYang Reunion Part 2

Day #2 of the YueYang Sisters Reunion!

Day #2 --
 All activites are AT the resort AND many are for the entire group to do things together!

We started the day with a photo shoot.
This is important for the moms :)  The girls are not overly excited about this BUT we love to document this amazing time.

We had a great photographer who already has many of the photos posted on her blog -- go and take a look.  She did an AMAZING job!

And this is my photo NOT the photographers -- hers are MUCH better ;)

A short time later the girls were able to learn/do a Zumba class.  My Darling was actually not very thrilled about this -- but said she would try it because it was a group activity (Elizabeth would NOT try it).  Well, My Darling LOVED it.  BaJabs was excited about the class AND loved it!

Just learning the steps -- BaJabs had a smile the WHOLE time!

My Darling having some fun!

BaJabs -- I love seeing this natural happiness in her!

We had a wonderful lunch together.

The afternoon there were many activities to choose from.  We decided to try the Alpine Slide -- with mom just watching as I did not feel the best.  My Darling was very nervous but decided to try.  The lift to the top of the mountain/hill was the hardest for her.  It was a great time of bonding for her and daddy :)

 Can you tell she's nervous???

Starting up the mountain.

She LOVED it!!!

Finishing the run.

BaJabs was so excited.  Her and daddy had a GREAT time.  She is up to trying anything.  This one was a hit for her.

 Look at her excitement!

 The long ride UP!

 Getting to the bottom.


Elizabeth --- this girl was PUMPED!  She wanted to go as fast as possible AND drive!  She screamed the entire way down -- because she LOVED it :)


 I love this photo -- she turned around and waved to me ;)

 The final turn.

Happy, Happy, Happy!

Unfortunately, the day was VERY warm.  But THANKFULLY, there was a wonderful water park to go to!  We decided to spend a few hours at the outside park.  Many of the girls were there and they all had a great time playing games in the water and doing the activities.

Just finishing our couple hours in the water.

The afternoon full-group activity was something new for my girls.  They all did some tye-dying.  This was a little messy for some -- My Darling stayed clean, Elizabeth had a few spots that can be cleaned BUT BaJabs -- well, she has splatters all over her BACK!!!  They had lots of fun, though -- and the shirts turned out GREAT.

 My Darling just getting started.

Many of families decided to go on the Alpine Slide.  We actually had a few tickets left. So, Matt took each of the girls again!

 The nerves are GONE! My Darling is loving this!

 She was laughing about how much FUN this is -- 

This was such a good DADDY activity -- I was a tad disappointed I was not feeling up to do this activity BUT I think it was great fun for the girls with daddy -- AND I loved being the photographer :) 


There was just one ticket left and each girl already had their 2nd ride.  SO -- Matt picked a number and the closest one got to go the last time.  BaJabs was the lucky one.  So, the other two girls and I went to the watch the zipline while they finished.

Well -- BaJabs and daddy LOVE to go fast. BUT they had a little mishap.  They should of slowed down for the corner-- Well, they did not!!!  The cart tipped a bit.  Matt took the brunt of the 'road rash' -- although, BaJabs got a bit, too.  Thankfully, Matt could get it back up and keep going.  BaJabs was actually filming the whole way down AND never dropped it -- I do have the video linked below -- 

Daddy and BaJabs' road rash.  Daddy definately got it worse.  Yes, they cleaned it!

We enjoyed a wonderful catered dinner together at the resort.  

They kids were able to spend more time just playing and talking together.  The adults enjoyed our time together as well.  The decision for where next years reunion is was decided ..................

BaJabs was showing some of the girls her stub -- I love this because she is so comfortable with her difference!

Louisville, Kentucky!

We took the chair lifts to the top to enjoy some music and the view --
It was a beautiful evening to do this!!!

 Elizabeth rode ahead of us with some others -- she was waiting.

 The view from the top -- with 2 of our beautiful daughters.

 3 YueYang sisters and BaJabs :)  The tallest is the youngest of the 18 in our group :)  My Darling and her friend next to her are the smallest in the group.

 This was a BIG deal to Elizabeth.  She wanted her cheek painted!  She got a panda bear.

 GORGEOUS evening.

BaJabs was the last face painted before the lift was closed to go DOWN the hill.

We ended our evening with some time on the lawn.  There was a wedding reception going on with some good music.  The girls did some dancing on a side area WITHOUT disturbing the wedding BUT the bride noticed and came to talk to them.  They girls thought this was AWESOME!  Really, it was a great end to an FANTASTIC day!

The looks on the girls are GREAT -- they are so excited here!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Lake Ann Camp

This year we have 2 of our children that attended --

JM --  4th year
My Darling -- 1st year

  This is a camp I actually attended when I was in High School.  BUT the camp is SOOOO much bigger and nicer than when I attended.

We got up bright and early on Monday morning and drove the 2 hours to camp.  JM was so excited and My Darling -- well, she was a tad nervous.  AND actually, I was too!  I know -- I was excited for her, too BUT this was the first time I was leaving one of my girlies for A WEEK!!!!

JM with his sleeping bag.

I was able to meet both of the couselors.  Yeah -- that was good :)
Before you know it -- I was putting them on the trolley to leave.

Trolley ride.

My Darling on the trolley.

JM on the trolley -- with My Darlings friend.

Right after that I found out we were invited to stay for a bit -- so, I was able to go to My Darling's cabin and to watch them take the swim test. 

Starting the swim test.

They just passed the swim test!

Finally, I decided it was best to JUST LEAVE!!!
Both kids VERY easily said, good-bye!

My Darling with her friend.

Thankfully, during the week the camp posts pictures of what they do.  I was able to see the kids in a few pictures.

My Darling playing games the 1st day.  She is in the background -- still a bit nervous.

 JM with the 'ORBS' -- you can't see his face just his orange shorts.

On Thursday I received a phone call from the camp nurse (who we actually knew well -- she used to babysit the kids.)  
Well, I HATE those calls.

She said My Darling wanted me to know that she was not feeling great.  She did have a mild fever and that they were going to have her sleep in the clinic.  
OK -- Oh, I just wanted to get in the van and get her.  BUT -- she was ok -- right????

Friday, I did not hear much until LATER -- which was she was STILL sick.  Her fever was back and all she wanted to eat was ice cream.  
My Darling almost never gets a fever! AND she does not eat ice cream!

GREAT -- now it is too late to go and get her because I am leaving very early in the morning to get both kids.

Yep, I was up early -- right before I arrived I got a text from the nurse that My Darling wanted me to pick her up in the clinic because she was feeling yucky!

When I got there JM came was waiting with everyone.  He had a GREAT time!!  He looked great.  But unfortunately, my mind was on My Darling.  JM and I went to the clinic.  AND oh, My Darling was sick.  I felt terrible for her.  I thought she might have strep ---  

I immediately text our doctor -- yes, she is a good friend of mine.  We were able to go directly to her house on our return home.  Well, my little girl just had to have something WEIRD!!!  AND she probably had it the day I dropped her off -- and she was probably contagious.  She had herpangina -- not from the herpies family! This is VERY painful as there are sores all over the inside of your mouth.  AND she had LOTS!!!  She could not chew or really eat.  I felt so bad for her.

We were able to get a prescription for the pain but since it is viral it had to just run its course.  AND it took another whole week!

I did ask her if she enjoyed her week.  AND even though she got sick at the end, she LOVED it!  She met some good friends.  She LOVED her counselor.  She went canoeing, learned new games, learned new songs and she learned about how to love God more.  She made everyone laugh!  Thankfully, she is so excited about going again next year.

My Darling playing games

JM had a great time as well.  He played lots of games, went on the challenge course, went to Sleepy Bear Dunes, learned about the 20 key words of the new testament and they learned about temptations and how to avoid them and living for God.    

Most of the kids from the week 3

It is a blessing to have the opportunity to send our children to a wonderful camp.  Not only do they learn about God but they have so much fun while doing it.  Thankfully, they also have great care -- a clinic staff that is wonderful and kitchen staff that makes wonderful gluten-free food!

MD's Ministry Trip

This year MD went on a ministry trip to Puerto Rico.

Each year our church provides an opportunity for the teens to go on a ministry trip.  The high school youth group goes outside of the state and once every four years they go outside of the US.

The group of 28 kids and 7 adults left from the church very early Monday morning -- 2 am.

Getting ready to leave.

They drove to Chicago and took a direct flight.

The group loaded on the plane -- ready to leave!

When they landed they got all of the luggage and were met by the group of translators.

They had a full week planned.  They were going to do service projects, VBS, dramas, basketball camps, house to house witnessing and some fun.

Of course on a big trip like this one needs to be flexible. 

Many things changed on this trip -- daily and hourly :)

The group needed to be divided in 1/2 and go different places each day.  MD's group had to drive a lengthy ways away -- the VBS was not set-up for them so they did door to door witnessing. 

MD's group.

 MD's main job on his team is to play guitar on the worship team AND to fill-in where needed :)

Playing the guitar.

MD asked me to the pray the 2nd day because he needed to be part of the drama team since it got divided in 1/2.  Thankfully, it went well.  They performed it numerous times including one time was at a University.  They made a HUGE impact on the many that watched it.  

MD played Jesus in this drama.

Again, performing the drama at a university.

They did some basketball and evangelism with some of the locals.

They were feed well -- many times by the churches they were helping!!!

They also did a church service at one of the local churches.

There were MANY long, HOT days -- sometimes 16 hours.  They first few days he was very tired.  He would text me quickly at night.  He would tell me 1 good thing about the day and give me 1 prayer request.  I LOVED this little bit of communication and learning how I could specifically pray for him.

The full group!

I especially LOVE that the teens learned to depend on God.  I LOVE that they would pray together.

This is my favorite picture!!!  All praying together!  MD's back is to the camera.

They did get to spend some time sightseeing at the end of the trip.  They also got to spend some time at the beach.  This was a nice time of bonding and having fun with the group.  

MD with one of the translators/friend he made on the trip -- eating a COLD treat!

When they returned there were many delays due to horrible storms in Chicago.  They still did land during some of the storms.  The worst of the storms hit after they landed -- so the baggage did not get unloaded until it stopped -- WHICH was a couple of hours.

He arrived home 3 1/2 hours later than expected -- 5:30 a.m.  Yes, I went to get him!  I was so tired but SOOOOO excited to see him.

He was excited to see me as well -- he wanted to give us our gifts immediately.  He was very thoughtful!  He wanted a shower -- and then crashed!

On Sunday the ministry trip gives a presentation to the church.  They did an AWESOME job!  They  did the worship service, sang songs, each group gave reports of what happened on the trip (there were 14 salvations), the drama team performed and they showed a great video presentation of the trip.  

We are so thankful that MD was able to be part of this ministry opportunity.  We love to see that MD's heart is so soft to the needs of others.