Thursday, April 9, 2015

Spring Break -- Day 4

Myrtle Beach -- Day 4

Today is going to be warm :)  sunny, 80 and a little breezy!!!

Oh, my -- I LOVE waking up to this view.  As soon as I wake-up I open the slider so I can HEAR those waves.  They are really such a balm to my soul!!! 

BaJabs said, "REALLY, mom -- crashing sounds are good for you???"
Me -- "Crashing?? The waves hitting water and the shoreline -- I don't know that sound is soothing to me. It reminds me of Gods power!"
BaJabs -- "ok -- "  Yes, she had this look like .... whatever you say, mom!

We started the morning with a visit from one of my childhood friends.  Her brother and sister-in-law came to SC to visit -- J & B live by my parents -- so, I get to see them weekly.  BUT since they wanted to come see Myrtle Beach with A.H. and her boys -- they stopped at our private beach to visit for a bit.

This was GREAT!!! A.H., my sister and I used to be at each others house EVERYDAY!!!  We had a path worn between our houses.  We played dolls, barbies, house, games and swam in the pool.  I remember being so bummed when they went on vacation because it would be soooo long before we would see her!  As we got older our interests and friends drifted apart BUT she is still special to me!
Thanks for making our beach one of your stops at Myrtle Beach!!!

While we were at the beach today we saw some BIG helicopters!!!
Yes, there is always helicopters touring people BUT these are different ;)  There were a couple times they were flying around.

The water seemed a bit cold and there are some kids with burns so they stayed covered.  They sat away from the ocean most of the time.  JM noticed some dolphins swimming close.  That was really cool to see.

After about an hour and half they all decided they were too hot and wanted to swim in the pool.  I was able to sit at the beach to READ and RELAX --- alone.  WOW!!!  That just doesn't happen much.  

After about another hour and half or two, MD came to check on me.  What a sweetie!  He said they had all eaten lunch and wanted to make sure I was ok with my blood sugar and all!!  Love the thoughtfulness of MD!!

Well, the whole CHEESECAKE ordeal!!!

I LOVE cheesecake -- and really love raspberry cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory.  
So, when I was looking at the resturants around the area we were staying and saw The Cheesecake Factory show-up -- I was so excited.  AND cheesecake was on my brain!

On Wednesday evening we went looking and when our GPS said we arrived there was nothing but a mall.  So, MD and I ran inside to check.  Nothing!!  We asked a mall worker and he said it had not arrived yet.  The mall was remodeling and there was one coming but it had not opened yet.  Hmmmm..... there was even reviews online -- that was weird.


There was supposibly another one -- the other direction -- about 20 minutes away.


After the beach, lunch and rest time -- Matt decided to take us all for a ride to find some cheesecake.
There was LOTS of traffic.  
BUT -- for mommy's cheesecake ---
Well, that was ok ;)

When the GPS said we arrived ......

I could not figure it out!

Then MD says, 'Oh, my!! Mom......It is the CheeseSTEAK factory!'

I just started LAUGHING!!! and LAUGHING!!!!
Which my children could not figure out!

I was so desperate for cheesecake -- both Matt and I did not realize when we typed into seperate GPS searches that Cheesesteak Factory came up!

Well --- no cheesecake for me this vacation ;(

No, we did NOT go in.  There was only OLD people in the resturant.  AND we were not planning on going out to dinner -- just grabbing dessert.  

There was still LOTS of traffic on the way back -- we still were laughing about the cheesecake ordeal AND then dad found ANOTHER outlet mall.

So -- of course we stopped to do a little shopping ;)

We got home a bit late BUT still made some dinner -- 
ice cream for dessert!

The kids finished the night watching some youtube!
Now -- for some of you -- internet usage is not a big deal 
we do NOT have unlimited at home -- AND they are loving being able to have lots of usage here.

ME -- I like it BUT will be glad when it is NOT so readily available for them at home! 

They are watching some goofy song videos by Rhett and Link!

Thank-you Lord for LAUGHTER!!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Spring Break -- Day 3

Myrtle Beach -- Day 3

Today is MUCH warmer than yesterday!!!  It is about 80 and very sunny!!!  Thankfully, there is a little breeze!

I did WARN all of my children to keep the sunscreen on -- I helped get it on at the condo BEFORE we went down -- ALTHOUGH some didn't want to -- hmmmm...MD!!!

Let's enjoy the BEACH!!!

Checking out how the water FEELS!

Ummmmm......Yes, this is our Elizabeth MOST of the time ;)

It took MD a bit to convince JM to go brave the water and enjoy the waves.  

LOVE this!!!  Look at JM's face when the wave 'gets' him!

MD just got ALL wet! 'WOW -- is that cold!'

There was some GREAT waves! 

The girlies watching those CRAZY boys!

Elizabeth just sits down to enjoy the water.  She did not expect those waves to GET her :)

Both girls are just sitting and enjoying the water 


They get it!!

Dad was able to convince My Darling to try going out in the water ---

She did not really like it getting into her face -- 

So, after just a bit she decides to come back in.

What an AWESOME reaction on BaJabs!
'This is REALLY fun!!!'

Many who know us -- know this is a CLASSIC JM!

Well, My Darling wanted to REALLY try it, this time!

She got all wet this time --- She is laughing!

Coming in HAPPY this time BUT cold!

The girls enjoyed playing in the sand. 
Making a castle and deocrating with shells.

The boys and dad played frisbee.  They even met another young man on the beach who joined in on the fun.

The view TOWARDS the south -- you can see the boardwalk with ferris wheel -- it is about 2 miles away.

The view to the north -- our area was a private beach area.

The girls with their masterpiece!!

We had a WONDERFUL day at the beach!!!
UNFORTUNATELY, we have a few that got a bit burned -- MD got it the worst!

We decided to head in and get washed up and go do some outlet shopping!!


PRAISE the LORD -- what a wonderful day!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Spring Break-- Day 2

Myrtle Beach Day #2

We are staying in an AWESOME condo -- right on the beach.  The master bedroom is large.  We only have a queen size bed at home and our children come in and lay and talk with us BUT on vacation we ended up with a KING size bed -- and they all still come to visit!  ALL of them have devices in their hands.  THAT DRIVES ME CRAZY!!! 
At least we are all together!!!

Matt and I with a little help from MD make a big breakfast for everyone.  
AND then we head off to the beach!

We love looking for shells and exploring in the water.
The water is a tad chilly but oh, well :)

The girls like to keep their legs on as it is hard to jump around for hours.  BUT when the waves come up they try to pick-up their legs as it takes forever to dry on the foot.  I like Elizabeth's face here.  She is watching for BIG waves.  

Our handsome son!

After a quick lunch in the condo we decided to be tourists and head down by the pier/boardwalk area. 

 My love!

 The gang!  
As you can see in the pictures -- it is sunny and beautiful BUT a bit windy!  

Elizabeth still struggles with walking any distance.  Her stub really starts to hurt.  She doesn't want to be a baby and REALLY sit on my lap -- so, she is just leaning and taking all of the weight off of stub ;)   

We did some shopping down at the boardwalk AND trying on some fun items.  

The I LOVE SUGAR store was a favorite. 
We LOVE JellyBellies!  Although, we found out our kids LOVE PopRocks as well.  Matt and I thought we were buying something for us --- hmmmmmm.....they all like them now!

As the afternoon went on two of the kids really started to peter out.  The sick germs caught us!!!!
My Darling and JM both got something.  My Darling has a 103 fever and JM has 101.  
They both took some meds and headed for naps while we made dinner.  

 She looks pathetic here ;(

One of the nice parts of renting a condo/house is we can do much of our own cooking.  Our family has many food allergies AND it is expensive to eat out all of the time!  We all work together to eat good meals!

We are enjoying our time TOGETHER!  I LOVE being with my kids!!! Even with sickness -- we are having a wonderful time.  It is so nice to have so much sun, hear to waves and SMELL summer time.  

Praying tomorrow is a good BEACH DAY and those sickies get better!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Spring Break Vacation Day 1

AND we are off!!!!

Oh, it is midnight ---- a time when MOST people are sleeping BUT our crazy family decided this would be the BEST time to leave and drive straight through to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina -- 15 1/2 hours IF driven with no stops ;)

Really, Matt slept for about four hours before we left.  We figured the kids would sleep for the first 7ish hours which would be quieter with less hours of child boredom!  

Well, we made AWESOME time.
By the time everyone was waking up, we were over 1/2 way to our destination.

During the daylight time the kids did pretty good!  They did rotate seats a bit when we stopped.  They watched a movie or two.  They read and played a license plate game.


of course, there was technology usage!!!

After 16 1/2 hours - YES, we stopped a couple of times ;)
We MADE IT!!! 

With this view from our condo including crashing wave sounds .............

We all agree it was worth it!

MD didn't take long to finding a GREAT spot to chill.

The girls and I wanted to get right down to the ocean.  They are leading the way!

They stopped to give me a smile.

Ahhhhhh...... what a glorious feeling!!!!

The water is chilly -- BUT tolerable!

All were into exploring -- especially looking for whole shells.

I LOVE when I see my children REALLY taking care of each other.  Yes, I have kids that annoy each other at times ;) I have children that are selfish at times ;) Oh, and children that even bicker at times ---- Hmmmmm.... Just like all other children out there!  YET, after a long ---- REALLY LONG car ride they can just choose to be kind -- and love each other.  Thankfully, this is happening more and more and it just warms my heart!

I love watching Elizabeth -- she gets so focused at times.  I love how she makes whatever work for her -- She wants to explore but can't do it like everyone else BUT who cares -- she just does it her way!

Oh, so happy!!

Just enjoying the water!

All 6 -- a bit wet after exploring -- but oh, so happy to be at the ocean. 


How do we get two sandy girls off of the beach?? -- no, they can't put their legs on with sand on their stubs or in their 'fake' legs.  

WELL ---
A daddy and a brother just THROW them over their shoulders and walk back :) 

AS you can see -- this is not abnormal to us -- they just laugh!

Praising God for this joy that is evident even after traveling AND for a better than described condo we rented.