Friday, February 21, 2014

MORE snow!


At the farm

Roads drifting closed not too far from our house.

Can you believe it???

MORE and MORE -- it keeps coming!

The HUGE snow blower that came in to open one of the roads that was drifted shut.

I DO NOT like driving in it ---

THANKFULLY--this is NOT me stuck -- Matt is helping someone out.


I still feel it is beautiful!

I LOVE all of the snow on the trees!

Of course it again has allowed for a few more snow days.

The boys had to spend a little more time on the roof -- shoveling.

They also surprised me with a HUGE snowman --

Matt and MD's snowman!


Yep, on the roof -- at least it is a beautiful day ;)

The boys have LOVED being able to go skiing more this year than in the past.

Skiing with family and friends at Caberfae.

Well, spring is creeping towards us --- ALTHOUGH, I'm sure there is more snow a'comin!

JM and BaJabs all ready to go out and play in the snow.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Be My Valentine

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

This year the girl's and I decided to MAKE our own valentine's cards.

YES --

I totally thought I would have these organized and done EARLY!!!
(Although, everyone who knows me KNOWS I do better under pressure -- LAST MINUTE!)


Really, what happened --

I DID buy everything early!!!


We still made them just 2 days BEFORE the parties --


They were made 2 days before because the night before Valentine's Day we had OTHER plans!

**I taught My Darling how to use the cricut.

Don't mind the MESSY sewing/craft studio!

**Daddy and mommy slit the hearts.

Daddy helping out!

**The girls added the sticker's with the message printed on.

BaJabs working away -- 
The message said, "Valentine, I think you are just WRITE!"

**ALL of us added the arrows (mechanical pencils.)

Elizabeth helping!

They turned out adorable!

My Darling with her bag of Valentine's.


The girls had fun!!

They had so much fun at their parties


Daddy was totally mommy's sweetheart.

Yes, the flowers are pretty BUT the vase is GORGEOUS!