Sewing Designs

     When I was in 4th grade I enrolled in a 4-H sewing club.  I learned how to draw a pattern and do some basic sewing.  I made a potholder and a book bag.  I loved it.  Again, in 6th grade I decided to do it again.  A new sewing club with a new teacher.  I learned how to read a more detailed pattern and I actually made a shirt I could wear :)  That was so exciting.

     Fast-forward about 10-11 years and I had landed my first teaching job -- PRESCHOOL!  I taught by themes.  AND we were certainly NOT rich.  BUT I wanted some of my clothes to match my themes -- I know I'm a bit crazy!  So, my mom spent a Saturday reminding me of what  I learned long ago.  I was making dresses -- AND they actually looked good.  

    Two years later -- a new job position -- KINDERGARTEN; we just started building our house; and I found out I was pregnant.  There was NO time to sew.  So, I dropped it.  In the next four years I had two beautiful -- handsome little boys.  Yep, I was still teaching but there was no time to sew.

     Matt and I LOVED being parents.  We had MD and four years later we had JM.  Matt thought we should have many more BUT my body, plagued with Type 1 diabetes and some other health issues, would not allow more children of my body.  So, we decided to have a child of our heartADOPTION! After LOTS of prayer, paperwork, and waiting we got the call about My Darling.  It was 4 1/2 years since we had JM.  

     Well, I had prayed for her to be safe, healthy, loved, to have a 'real' birthday in her records and for her to be petite -- I know, that's a weird one BUT I had big boys and being selfish I just wanted a petite little girl.  WELL, I really got what I prayed for.  We picked up My Darling in China when she was 9 1/2 months old -- she was 12 pounds.  REALLY!!! JM was 11 pounds at birth.  I couldn't believe it.

     So, when I got home and found how difficult a petite SKINNY child is to clothe -- I decided to try my hand at little girl clothes.  I did LOTS of trial and error but came up with some amazing outfits.  I used some patterns but did lots of designing of my own because of her 'smallness.'  I also spent some time making outfits for others.

     6 1/2 years later I am still sewing for my own girls.  I take a few orders a year -- I would LOVE to do more but with a growing family I can't do many.  I LOVE the girls to coordinate.  My Darling is picky so she helps pick out the fabrics and then I go to town designing.  BaJabs is NOT picky but LOVES for me to make her ANYTHING.

     Many have asked, 'Where do you get your patterns?'  Again, I draw many of them.  AND I do them using My Darling as a model.  BUT I do purchase many from      If you have never used this site, check it out.  LOVE IT!!!

     So, I just thought I would add many pictures of my designs.  If you would like me to make something -- well, ask BUT I can't promise right now as we are leaving for China soon for our 3rd little girl.  AND I never know when life will settle again BUT once it does I will link to an store site to purchase already made outfits.  Again, I do take some orders but only as time allows.  Enjoy my two beautiful models wearing -- My Darling's Boutique clothing.

Elizabeth's back-to-school skirt and shirt.  She decided this is what she wanted and picked out the fabric.  AND all she wanted was an apple on her shirt.  Cute and simple she said ;)

Farm coordinating skirt/shirt outfits for the fair.  My three girl's and Lauren's daughter.

Mother's day -- I made the turquoise skirts with wide waist ban for the two girls and they are wearing white lace looking shirts from Gap.  This is NOT a good picture of this.  My Darling and I had matching dresses from Momi Boutique. 

My first upcycle creations.

My Darlings dress for her violin recital.  She picked out the fabric and decided on the design :)

Matching dresses for the daddy/daughter date night at church.
Again, I LOVE this design and this fabric!!

All three coordinate for Christmas pictures.  

 I made My Darling's skirt for her violin recital -- I had the shirts custom made.

Back-to-school!  BaJabs is in an ODK; I made My Darling's skirt to match her shirt; and Elizabeth's outfit is from an unknown designer.

Matching dresses for Lauren's baby shower.  One of my most favorites!!!

 Fair outfits for Hog Showing day --- Elizabeth in a t-shirt dress and the other 2 girls in pig ruffle shorts with matching shirts from TCP

Close-up of Elizabeth's t-shirt dress.  I LOVE this one ;)  They wear these when the boys are being judged for showmanship.

I made Ruffle Bike Shorts to match their Choose Joy shirts from LBB 

 Abby's new skirt and shirt to match her new leg. 

Elizabeth's dress to match her new leg.

BaJabs' dress for Kindergarten graduation.

My Darling's dress for her violin recital.

My Darling's iguana -- a BEAUTIFUL iguana -- the ribbon fabric is good looking for the scales and if you look close we made the dewlap -- her hair is french braided and we made the spines using fleece fabric and hair clips.

Our first coordinating TRIO!!!  
Easter :)

Coordinating dresses for the daddy/daughter night.

Matching outfits to match BaJabs' new leg. 

 My Darlings Jellyfish costume for Kindergarten Graduation Program.

The girls in spring dresses with aprons :) 

My beautiful little owl and panda!

Fair dresses -- they wore them the day the boys showed their pigs. 

Back to school outfit.

Welcome to school outfit!  Dress, capris and hair pretty!

Cow dresses made to match BaJabs' new leg.  Yes, the first one I made she dumped hot pink nail polish on 12 hours before we needed the dress.  So, back down to make one more :)  We went to American Girl the next day to celebrate all she had been through!

BeJeweled 'Princess' shirts.

Easter outfits.  Dresses, ruffle pants, flower pins

Fun summer skirt and shirt outfit.  This was a picture for a modeling opportunity.  Yep, they actually got picked :)

Christmas ADORABLE!!! Jumper dress, NO ruffle pants, flower pin and hair pretty

My Darling and her sunflower outfit.  Dress, pants NO RUFFLES and hair pretty

Nativity dress and ruffle pants.  Yep, appliques hand pieced and satin stitched.  I think this is one of my most favorite pieces.  
Summertime fun outfit.  Shirt and no ruffle Capri and hair tie.

Peasant shirt, tie, NO ruffle pants. Dress is in next picture.

With dress and tie used as a hair tie.

Applique flower and ruffle pants.

4th of July -- applique Ms. Liberty; peasant shirt and ruffle pants.

Peasant shirt and triple ruffle pants.

Snowman applique with ric-rac trim and flannel pants.

Snowman dress -- poodle fuzz -- appliqued face; button mouth and snowball trim!  LOVE!  Made TONS of these for orders :)

Halloween monster -- dress with applique monster; shirt with applique monster; jeans with appliques and hair pretties.

Halloween fun skirt with ric-rac.  Fun BIG flower.

Ariel hand appliqued jumper dress.

Elmo 'fuzzy' a-line dress.  Appliqued face.  Oh, made tons of these -- lots of fuzz :)

Elmo fuzzy shirt -- appliqued fuzzy elmo on shirt with ric-rac

Christmas fun t-shirt dress with lots of ric-rac and ruffles - embellished jeans.

Oh, Santa -- twirl skirt and shirt.  LOTS of texture.

China girl PRECIOUS!!!!  Appliqued shirt with ruffle and pants.

Mickey Mouse patch twirl skirt and appliqued shirt with hair pretty!

Cinderella hand applique and stripe skirt.