Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fun Family Times

I LOVE family fun!!!
Our family has certainly enjoyed some fun times in our home, lately!!!
I thought I would provided a picture journey -- with SOME words :) 


FUN -- with baba!!
The girls BEING daddy's shoes :)

FUN playing together!
Doctor time!!  LOVE the glasses!

Just goofy fun!
YES, shaking the bums!
Fun - reading together AND helping each other!
BaJabs practicing her reading with everyone.  
FUN -- working!
This little girl LOVES to help!!  AND her get-up is always FUN!

FUN -- with MD!!
They ALL love their BIG brother!

FUN being together!
My Darling is reading to the girls.

FUN -- Sharing!
Elizabeth was telling all of us about a friend back at the orphanage.  She INSISTED on showing us in the pictures which one.  She went digging through them all to find the right friend -- ok, this was priceless!

MORE -- fun with baba!
Just bonding :)
FUN -- playing!
Elizabeth LOVES playing with dolls.  She is a great mommy!
They get a tad crazy with baba -- but oh, the fun they have :)  OH, and yes, they are in Sunday dresses!

As you can see there is lots of fun happening!  Yes, our life is NOT perfect and definitely not FUN all of the time BUT the JOY we CHOOSE to have as a family is PRICELESS!!!  We LOVE to focus on the positive and give PRAISE to GOD for the FUN and JOY He has brought to our family!!!

Boys Day Out!!! TIGERS!

Matt, MD and JM were able to go to a Tigers game on Saturday.

Our church took a group to:

Yes, the temp. is 39 degrees!!!

They left before 5:00 am and traveled by mini-bus with 18 others from our church.
  YES, they were very excited!!!

They arrived at Comerica Park in Detroit.  The Home Plate 2012 program was great.  They were able to hear great testimonies from players on both team, Tigers and Rangers.  They players talked about their life before Christ and the transformation Christ had in their lives.

The boys enjoyed lunch at the stadium.
AND some walking around :)

Of course, they spendt some time waiting for the game to begin!

AND finally, the game was in motion!

Unfortunately, because of a rained out game the day BEFORE -- Verlander, the BEST and favorite pitcher, got moved from the Saturday afternoon game to the Saturday evening game :(  Yes, they were bummed AND probably the other 41,000 fans.  
BUT They were able to see a homerun by another one of their favorite players!

AND they lost the afternoon game that the boys attended BUT the night game was won.

 JM loving the time at the game --

THANKFULLY, they had a wonderful time -- even though the game didn't have the ending they would of liked!

 Thank-you LORD for allowing Matt the opportunity to bring the boys to the Tiger game.  This was such a great day to spend time together!!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012





We had our first dinner with this wonderful vegetable!!!

 This is our favorite way to eat it!! 
Lite olive oil on the bottom -- little on top -- add some season salt, garlic and LOTS of Parmesan Cheese.
 AND put it under the broiler ON HIGH for about 5-6 minutes.

APRIL 17 -- REALLY -- I think this is about the earliest ever!

Even Elizabeth likes it -- she does NOT like the cheese!!!  BUT 'yum' to the asparagus!
NOW -- it is not for sale ---- yet!  Yes, it will be soon BUT it is not growing FAST because of these cold nights.  AND I did have to go to the warm spots in the field to get my pickings.  I picked about 10-15 pounds.

Just thought everyone would LOVE to see this wonderful part of our dinner!!


Doctors and X-rays and Fun -- Oh, my :)

We have a plan!!!

HOW did we get to that plan???

     March 31st we were blessed to have our doctor come to OUR house and do Elizabeth's physical.  We know that Elizabeth has had some 'bad' experiences in her past AND we really want to change that!!!  AND our doctor is totally on board with me.  She offered to come to our house AND on a Sat. Thank-you Dr. T!!!   I was amazed at how well she responded to the doctor.  Dr. T did the physical on BaJabs as well -- so, Elizabeth would ALWAYS see what was going to happen.  She did exactly what needed to be done -- even with a smile.

Checking out the ears -- yes, they have LOTS of wax.  All three girls have come to us this way :)

She smiled all through this.
Checking out her legs.
     There were not any real BIG surprises.  We surely knew there were issues with her bones in both arms and her leg.  Some are a bit more than we anticipated and some are less.  BUT we really need to have the x-rays to confirm everything.  Dr. T was also able to observe Elizabeth interacting with the other kids.

I LOVE this photo.  They have American Girl medical stuff.  They are such hams.
     Dr. T called in all of the x-rays that need to be done.  We went to the hospital on Apr. 4 to fill the order.  WOW -- there were LOTS of x-rays to do.  It was around 18 or 20 AND since some of her bones don't move well -- it took a bit -- We were at the hospital almost 2 hours -- waiting x-rays and waiting for the disk to take to clinic.

Just a sample of the MANY x-rays that were taken.

Right arm/hand -- Interesting :)  The elbow is locked on this arm -- actually the radius is fused to the humerus -- yep, VERY unusual!!

Left arm/hand -- again, interesting.  This elbow works some but the radius and ulna are flipped so she doesn't have full extenstion.

Left leg -- ONLY a tibia BUT if you notice the femur and tibia are bowed.  There is little to nothing for a functional ankle and only 3 ish bones going down into the foot area.

     On Thursday April 5 we headed to GR to the Limb Difference Clinic.  I did bring all 3 girls as I thought it would be helpful for Elizabeth.  Well, it was BUT I was busy :)  We met with the orthopedic doctor, the physical therapist, occupational therapist, nurse and prosthesis man -- Mr. Mark (who my girls LOVE.)  It was determined that we needed MORE x-rays -- Oh, fun :)  We will just say the Elizabeth has some unusual bone structure BUT WOW was everyone impressed with how well she has adapted!  Thankfully, Mr. Mark could do some work on her lift so it would stop cutting into her lower leg.  We were also able to get BaJabs' leg worked on as well. 

     Finally, the team discussed the best course of action for our little girl.  We were not at all surprised with that recommendation as it was the same as an American doctor gave after a review at her orphanage a couple years ago.  So, we have an amputation in our future.  Dr. F is booked until the fall.  Hmmmmm...... this is a surgery Elizabeth SHOULD of had at the age of ONE!!!!  Dr. F is going to move her up IF they have a cancellation.  He really wants to do it ASAP.

On Tuesday April 10, I received a call from Dr. F's office and they scheduled Elizabeth's surgery for May 2.  OH, MY GOODNESS, REALLY ---- THAT SOON!!!  I was shocked.  But she really needs this -- Yes, we have been doing the same kind of therapy for Elizabeth that we did for Abby.  We really want her prepared AND comfortable about what is going to happen to her.  She knows exactly what Dr. F is going to do to her.  

Practicing in her wheelchair -- hmmm... she loves this thing AND is very good in it.  Yes, she's had some experience.

     Now, my mommy heart KNOWS this is the right thing BUT oh, how it makes me sad.  I KNEW this was going to happen when we read her referral BUT oh ..... I just wish she wouldn't have to go through this.  BaJabs did GREAT!!!  She still thanks us for doing it.  She can run, skip, jump, ride bike and do just about anything anyone else can do.  Elizabeth will adjust, too!  I know ..... BUT ...... it's just one more thing to add to the tough things that have happened in her life AND I would love to take it away for her. 

LOVE -- 
     So, we thought we would start her in school this past week.  Well, after visiting and talking with the school -- Matt and I made a decision to NOT send her this year.  There were many factors -- that I would rather not discuss openly YET in my public blog.  BUT I do want to praise God for bringing forward 2 wonderful ladies to watch Elizabeth.  My good/best friend Pam is watching her at MY house on Mon./Wed./Fri.  AND my mom is watching her on Tues./Thurs.  It really is a good thing for Elizabeth.  BaJabs and My Darling will get to stay home a few times with her as well. 

Another one that I love.  My Darling and Elizabeth are working on some pictures and writings --- My Darling is helping her out.  The girls are really great together --- MOST of the time :)
     BUT because of her surgery I am going back to work a tad early -- Thursday, April 19 is my first day back. I know that she will be well taken care of!!  She is pretty attached and struggles with me being away from her -- so, I'm sure I will be stuck to the couch when I get home the next few nights with little girls cuddling :) 

  1. Attachment is going well -- getting good eye contact, loves cuddles and rocking :)
  2. The kids get along well.
  3. Decisions made with the doctor.
  4. Great Doctors that LOVE her!!
 Prayer Requests:
  1.  Transition of me going back to school goes well!
  2. Preparing for surgery -- emotionally for Elizabeth.
  3. Surgery goes well -- Dr. F is able to do what needs to be done and there won't be any big surprises.
  4. Recovery -- that Elizabeth does not regress and/or get depressed.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A FIRST Easter

This is a BIG year of firsts for Elizabeth! 
Oh, how I LOVE to watch this -- the amazement and excitement is GREAT!

A few days before Easter the girls had a friend over and we made Easter cookies -- regular AND gluten-free.  YUMMY!

All 4 girls decorating cookies.  We made LOTS!!!
Elizabeth decorating.
We decorated Easter Eggs.  The whole family joined in on the fun this year.  Elizabeth was beyond excited.  She dropped and cracked a few and there was dye splatter -- oh, the fun we had :)

She is just soooo excited :)
Showing off one of her eggs.
The decorating crew with all of the eggs.
The girlies and their favorites.
The Easter Baskets were sitting on the table in the morning.  WOW -- she couldn't believe it!!  She just loved it --- well, so did the other kids :)

Yep, she LOVES the baskets.
BaJabs with a new 'silkie' nightie.  I brought one for Elizabeth to China and now they ALL love them.  So, BaJabs and My Darling got new ones for Easter.
Elizabeth was VERY excited about getting a charm bracelet that matches the other girls.  AND her first charm --- yep, Hello Kitty!
Elizabeth and her Hello Kitty stuff -- she LOVES sunglasses.
There was NEW Easter clothing.  Yes, I made coordinating dresses for the girls -- and yes, I stayed up really late finishing them.  I did buy shirts for the boys to MATCH the girls.  Yep, they weren't thrilled BUT they look good :)

The three beauties.
The Beauties with the HUNKS!!!

We went to church.  Easter is an amazing time!  Christ sacrificed his son for ME!!!  Jesus died on the cross on Friday BUT Sunday he was ALIVE!!!  I serve a RISEN SAVIOR!!  Thank-you LORD!
We had an egg hunt when we returned from church.  We found 36 eggs in our living/dining room.  Elizabeth thought this was just great --- she kept laughing each time she found one.

Elizabeth looking in the writing area.
Yep, there was one in there AND oh, was she excited about it.
JM helping BaJabs.
My Darling showing off an egg.
Our handsome MD!
Blowing some bubbles -- IN THE HOUSE!
Trying to blow some bubbles.
WOW -- LOOK at all those bubbles.
We had a wonderful dinner at Matt's moms house.  All of his siblings and the kids were there.  They had a BIG Easter egg hunt outside.  Elizabeth again -- LOVED it.  Unfortunately, My Darling was getting sick -- and the fever started.  

All the kids on Matt's side of the family -- MINUS MD who is now too old to do the egg hunt :)
BaJab's with an egg.
Elizabeth searching.  
Thanks Aunt Sara for doing it this year.  The kids all had fun.  Ben found the Golden Egg in the cow head.  WOW -- was he excited.  
The sick one -- who only found 1 egg outside before she broke down in tears because she felt so icky.  Her dad finished the hunt for her so she STILL got her share :)
Matt and 4 of the kids went back to church in the evening for a Spring Concert that was just awesome.  My Darling and I stayed home and cuddled in the chair watching movies.  

It certainly was a GREAT day!