Friday, February 27, 2015

Happy Birthday Hanna

Happy 17th Birthday to Hanna ---

We celebrate her birthday in more of an American style :)
BUT -- her birthday fell during the week on a day we could NOT arrange for all the family to be there --


We could not let it go without any celebration ---
SO -- I made some adorable cupcakes :)


2 days later we celebrated Woller style :)

When it is your birthday, in our home, you get to decide the meal -- well, Hanna decided on an all Korean meal -- bulgogi (Korean barbecue), rice and dumplings.  This is an absolutely DELCIOUS MEAL!!!

She invited one of her good friends over to help celebrate and get her accustom to Korean food as Ms. J is going Korea this summer to spend 6 week with Hanna.  Other Nanny and Pa also came to help us celebrate!

Gift time :)

Of course, she needs to have some Michigan items to remember her time in the U.S.

Her choice for dessert was homemade ice cream with homemade hot fudge but NO cake!!!

Happy Birthday Hanna -- we hope you enjoyed celebrating your 17th in the U.S.!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Daddy Daughter Date Night WITH Pa

Daddy Daughter Date Night
Other Pa :)

Pa picking up the girls!

Unfortunatley, with Elizabeth's surgery complications, Matt was not able to make it back to take the girls to the SRBC date night.

THANKFULLY, we thought ahead and had Pa on stand-by ;)

He was such a good sport -- and the girls helped him out!

They still got all dressed up.  

 BaJabs looking beautiful!

My Darling looking Radiant :)

Pa picked them up and dropped them AT the door.  

They enjoyed a nice meal and fun activites.  

I LOVED when My Darling and I talked after she got home!
"Mom, Pa was such a gentleman!"

picture courtsey of SRBC

They have all been promised an EXTRA date night with thier dad when Elizabeth is feeling better and mobile ;)


This was a wonderful bonding time with Pa!

Thanks dad for loving us and making the girls feel so special!!!!