Saturday, March 30, 2013

JM's Birthday!

JM's LAST year before being a teen --- 
I can't believe it!!!

Happy Birthday JM!
Our last March Birthday :)

The annual picture with the birthday hat :)

JM is an easy going, fun-loving kid.  He is a BIG talker!  He has tid bits of information on many subjects, especially sports -- AND he finds every opportunity to tell us about them :)  He is protective of the girls yet still likes to play with them.  He does like to do his own thing -- video games, drawing, reading and shooting hoops.  He LOVES sports -- he gets SO into the games -- YES, he's one that yells at the TV screen!  He really LOVES to play baseball and go to youth-group.  He is a straight A student.  He is such a softy and full of emotion -- he has a great laugh that just lights up the room! 

This year he REALLY wanted to have some friends over for an over-nighter!
This would NOT have been my choice BUT it was really important to him -
I said, "Yes."

He asked 4 boys to come over.
Unfortunately, during the week we had one girl with the flu AND this mommy got sick.

the flu left --- YEAH!
So, we still had all the boys over.

3 of the boys are actually in my class at school.  All of the boys are good kids.  And all had a good time.

Although, these 5 boys (only 4 all night) ate more than MD's high school buddies!!!
3 large pizzas, 2 large bags of chips, 2 things of dip, CANDY, a pan of brownies, 3 2-liters of pop, a double batch of pancakes, sausage, OJ and milk.

They were a bit crazy and loud -- and played lots of video games!  They stayed up pretty late and were up pretty early ---
They had fun :) and mommy got some sleep!!!

The next evening we celebrated his birthday as a family :)

My parents joined us for a JM picked dinner!
Meatballs and noodles, strawberries, pineapple, a nice BIG salad and angel food cake with raspberry sauce on top.  YUMMY!
Yes, all gluten-free!!!!


He had fun opening gifts!

I LOVE that he takes the time to read each card ENTIRELY -- aloud :)

Yes, he is a Detroit Tiger fan!!
I think that is very noticeable.

He was very blessed this year and many family members sent money.  
He's saving for a new baseball glove. 
NOTE:  Which we went to GR and bought over Spring Break

Finally, we sang and ate dessert.

He is laughing here -- love that HAPPY face.  
Pa is singing goofy -- well, really everyone was and he thought it was great!

All in all it was a fun birthday for him!

Happy Birthday my dear JM!!!  We LOVE you so much and pray that God will give you another great year of health, growth and fun.

Friday, March 22, 2013

BaJab's leg time

Another appointment in GR

BaJabs, Pam and I left bright and early for a leg fitting and a dr. apt.

Of course -- things did not go as planned :)

We are learning --- flexibility!!!

We arrived and the leg that Mr. Mark made was TOO BIG!
The swelling in BaJab's leg had gone down LOTS -- 
so the leg he made from the mold made 2 weeks ago was big because her leg shrunk!
She is also experiencing some pain where the pin was pulled out.

 Trying on the leg!

Mr. Mark did get the leg WORKABLE but decided to re-mold her for a NEW leg.  We would go home with the rough leg and come back later next week for ANOTHER fitting for ANOTHER new leg.

 Walking on it for the first time -- yes, she is limping.  It was very sore.

 Getting ready to mold --- AGAIN!

Molding -- thankfully, it is easy AND painless!

Dr. F did not want to meet with us.  I have to do some massage and tapping therapy on her stub.  
The stub had been VERY protected for a long time.  It has to tough'n up :)

The appointment with Mr. Mark was over 2 hours long -- Oh, my!!

Walking SLOWLY out to the car -- with Pam.

Off to the gluten-free bakery --
BaJab's decided on Qdoba's for lunch. 

Pam and I had fun catching-up as she had been gone for 2 months at her daughters.  We did lots of waiting and driving.  BaJab's is so easy when it's just her :)  She loves having both Pam and I to herself.  

We are hoping for a GOOD leg --- soon!!!

Friday, March 30 --- 
Matt took BaJab's to GR for a fitting on the NEW-NEW leg. 
had to leave the not so good leg with Mr. Mark because some of those parts had to be used on the good leg.  SO, another full week with NO leg.  Not in our plan -- but we are FLEXIBLE!
 Trying out the NEW leg.

 Making more adjustments.
for the record -- Mr. Mark HATED her shoes!!!  BUT she wanted to wear fancy fashion boots and that would of been even worse than crocs :)

Loving her smile!  No worries -- she did not walk out like that ;)  She brought her scooter!

Daddy took her at the last minute because mommy is SICK!!!  I had to go to the doctor.  The start of Spring Break and yep, I am SO sick!  Thankful for a husband that could rearrange and take her! 
BaJab's LOVED having daddy to herself for a bit :)  
They came home with a secret -- 
hmmm.... daddy took her out for some kind of yummy treat!

Monday, March 18, 2013

March FULL family Birthdays

YES, there are many MARCH birthdays
in the Woller World :)

On The Woller side we celebrate birthday's by the month!
Otherwise, with so many of us we would all be meeting LOTS!
We are so blessed to live close to all of them.  It allows for close cousin relationships and family fun!

SO, because we have many of the birthdays IN our house --
the MARCH birthday celebration is at our house.

We have a full family dinner after church on Sunday.  
EVERYONE brings something to help with the dinner.
Oh, how I love that.  Everyone chips in and makes the whole thing easy :)

Pulled pork barbecue sandwiches with homemade 31 barbecue sauce -- YUMMY!
Cheesy potatoes, chips and dip, fruit, jello salad and veggies.
A yummy dinner for 25.

Gifts are exchanged -- with EVERYONE watching.  
Yes, this filled my living room!

 Bajab's -- Ms. Happy!

 Filling up the living room!  There are lots of kids --
14 today.

 2 girlies (our cousins) opening gifts with their mommy.

 MD with his gifts -- he is in the $$ and gift card stage :)
loving it :)

JM with his birthday cards!.

Dessert complete with candles and singing is included!

 The birthday crew!

Blowing out the candles -- 
Yes, JM is blowing out with his nose -- GROSS!!!

This year --
cupcakes for the young kids and homemade cheesecake (the best my mother-in-law has every made) for the big people --
of course, homemade ice cream with hot fudge!

Happy Birthday to all!!!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Happy Birthday MD

Happy 16th Birthday

Can't believe it!  He's 16!!!!
OH, my!

He is such a special young man!

He LOVES farming.  He really LOVES spending time with the family!  He is helpful, caring with the girls AND JM -- most of the time, funny and thoughtful.  He is a thinker AND a procrastinator.  He LOVES the youth group, FFA, TV and texting (I HATE that phone :))  He is a straight A student. He learned how to play the guitar this last year AND has a girlfriend, now. 

Of course, as a mom I love that he LOVES the LORD!  He strives to do the right thing and admits when he falters.  He is seeing his weaknesses and trying to work on them.  I LOVE this.  He is willing to talk with us and his youth pastor.  He has a great group of friends!  I actually LOVE when they come over!

So, for his birthday he decided to spend the evening with the family --- even though all his guy-friends were going paint-balling.  His girlfriend and my parents came over for dinner.  BUT after paint-balling all the guys came over to spend the night.  They played video games and watch movies most of the night.

MD's dinner choice --

The Twist, Hot Wings AND Pepperoni Pizza --- YUMMY!
Apples and caramel dip AND chips and dip.  

Dinner time :)

Opening Gifts!

 LOVE his smile in this picture!

 Fun card from Other Nanny and Pa!

 LOTS of Duct Tape from Pa.  Yes, he asked for this!

 Happy about this!

A fishing trip with dad!

His favorite dessert --
Cheesecake with strawberries.

In the morning I made his favorite ---
homemade waffles with fresh maple syrup and sausage.

I know many are wondering about a car -- because of a mix-up with his drivers training classes -- he will not be able to get his licence until June.  He can't wait -- I'm ok about it :)

We continue to pray that God will use MD in a mighty way.  We pray that MD will continue to follow HIM and make good choices.  We pray that he is a good friend, helps others, LOVES people and has fun doing it!  AND of course this year -- we pray for SAFETY and good health!

We love you, MD!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Happy Birthday BaJabs

My baby is 7 years old!!!!
Oh, my goodness :)

This sweet little girl has had quite the week!
Dr. apts., surgery, gymnastics (yes, a birthday party for a cousin), singing at church
the best........ 

Last year we were in China for her birthday --
So, we wanted to make HER day special -- this year.

Yep, both boys have their birthdays this month 
We really want each to have a special day to themselves
if it is small!

So, she picked her menu:
homemade chicken strips, homemade mac&cheese, strawberries and grapes 
I added a salad -- which she loved :)

She couldn't decide the cake --
YES, she wanted homemade ice cream 
We HAVE to HAVE homemade hot fudge!!!

So, Saturday we went to cousin A's birthday party at a gymnastic place.
BaJab's was a tad nervous --
she did wonderful.

Actually, it was obvious this is something I need to get her involved with.
She ran/hopped laps, somersaulted, climbed to the top of the rope -- AMAZING!!

She got harnessed in, jumped, did flips, and LOTS more!!

Afterwards BaJab's and I went shopping --
JUST her and I --
She LOVED it --
I got a tad tired of all of the staring -- REALLY
She's a cute little girl on a scooter --
I just hate everyone staring!!

We had a marvelous time finding a birthday outfit 
PLUS more!

She also decided she wanted me to BUY a pretty cake!!!
Yep, totally fine with me -- it saved me 2 hours!!!

My parents, Uncle Josh, Jason, Lauren and Raelynn joined us today to celebrate!

We ate yummy food!

She LOVED her gifts!
She got the FRIENDS lego set she wanted -- The VET

Thanks Aunt Jeanne, Karen and Town Grandma

 My Darling was so sweet helping BaJab's -- BUT totally let her do all she could do :)


A new bike and new helmet!
She can't ride it for a few weeks but she was still so excited!

 Daddy riding her new bike in while her eyes where closed.

So excited!

We sang Happy Birthday!

Ate a homemade ice cream, cake WITH hot fudge!

All 3 girls sang with the Sunday School group during our night service tonight.
They all sounded good!
Elizabeth is fun to watch and the other 2 girls LOVE to sing, too!

This year was a big year for BaJabs!
She changed schools, learned to read and write stories, made lots of new friends, got a new leg, had surgery TWICE, grew A LOT, had to deal with ANOTHER sister :), finally got long hair and is starting to know what SHE likes!!
Yep, have 2 sisters that are SO girly and pushy took some time for BaJabs to figure out what she liked!
This year it started!

She still likes her American Girl doll -- although, she wanted a different doll than the girls liked -- totally ok!
She loves panda's and owls -- like the girls!
She LOVES blue and red 
NOT pink!!!
She is more active -- loves to go outside, loves the farm and loves gym class!
She does like games, puzzles and art 'stuff' as well!

She still LOVES to cuddle with ME!!!
The thumb is still a friend :)

She is calm but stubborn --
She is quiet but can certainly give a good NASTY look!
She pushes her little weight around with the bigger kids!
DOES NOT like to stick out --
LOVES to laugh as long as it is NOT at her!
She LOVES attention but rarely demands it!
She is certainly the baby and does not mind that she is :)
She is soooo strong but soooo loveable, too!

We LOVE you so much BaJab's!
We pray that you have a wonderful, healthy year
full of joy and happiness!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

All is well

A LONG day!!
The LAST surgery of the day/night for Dr. Forness.


Because the 1st patient of the day showed-up an 1 1/2 hours late --


You know, it put everyone back.

SO, instead of 3:30 ish, it got pushed to 5:30 


Finally, 6:30 pm.


We had some fun things to do :)

Daddy got to go back with her --

She picked a wonderful chap-stick flavor for her mask --

in the end --

It went great.
The pin came out -- easily!!!
No stitches even!

The cast is GREAT!!
BRIGHT RED --- with LOTS of glitter.
Dr. Forness said he started shaking the glitter and couldn't stop :)

BaJabs did wonderful in recovery -- just like last time.

The nurses and staff are beyond wonderful at 
DeVos Children's Hospital.
I couldn't believe how many remember us --
We are the Choose Joy family!!!

She went into surgery at a ZERO on the pain scale and came out at a TWO.  
Pretty good!

No pain meds tonight -- and already in bed.

Thank-you for all of the prayers.
They were appreciated and felt.
God answered the specific prayers --
No trauma and no pain!!!

 It has been a long day ---
Yes, I went to work this morning -- My mom stayed with BaJabs 
It was bit stressful at work -- for many reasons
OF COURSE, not my colleagues as they really tried to help me out -- thank-you friends!!!

I am beyond greatful that it went well.
I even got SMASHBURGER while BaJab's was in surgery --
That was a bonus!

Now just two more weeks in a cast.
Her new leg will be ready on March 20. 

Pray for MD
 He is at MSU competing for State champions in Parliamentary Procedures for FFA.
Their competition time is VERY early in the morning.
We are praying for clear thoughts, a good topic that generates good ideas.  And of course, good results :)