Monday, February 25, 2013

And they are home :)

Matt IS home!  
Almost exactly on schedule.

Thankfully, the snow and bad weather was gone as they made their way home!
Thank-you Lord!!!

God did AMAZING things with this team!!


Our family was THRILLED to have daddy home!!!


Daddy was happy to be HOME!

Although, he was very tired!!!

BUT the girls didn't care -- they still stuck right next to him.  Love the pink blanket!!

He came with gifts!  All were happy with daddy's choices!

 Showing the jewelry he brought back from House of Hope.

 Shirts for the boys.
JM was thrilled with the volcanic rock daddy found, as well!

 One of the necklaces that the women at House Of Hope make.

Purses made by some of the locals. 

Saturday was a day to spend just being close to daddy!


The team presented what was done in Nicaragua.

I loved hearing all that was accomplished.  Each area of ministry gave a report.  It was amazing all that was done.
God did some amazing work through the hands and hearts of our people.

 Hanging drop ceilings.

Putting together LOTS of ceiling fans.


Bathroom plumbing!

And of course all of the building/welding Matt, Dave and Dolphie did!
Lots of wiring that was accomplished, jewelry and beads sorted, children played with and taught about the bible -- and so much more!

I especially love hearing and seeing how God changed hearts!  
There are so many hurting people AND so many people with so little.
God has blessed us!
I LOVE this picture :)  My sister-in-law, Audrey is getting some help carrying the BIG thermos.  

One teammate stated, "I could of been born here (Nicaragua) and been living like this -- with so little."

It becomes obvious how good we have it and how much we have been given thus giving us the ability to help others!

Again, THANK-YOU Lord for the opportunity for these people to serve YOU in this way!!!

James 1:27

New International Version (NIV)
Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Thursday/Friday morning Missions Update

Nicaragua Mission Trip 2013

The LAST day :)

Thursday's Plan ---

Matt's priority 
 to get the pearlings welded
to finished the roof on the building.


They finished --
EARLY even -- like 12:30

He was able to put finishing touches on the picnic table and move it -- 
YES, it weighed a ton!!

He spent the remainder of the day cleaning up 
helping the remainder of the team finish their projects.

Just about everything was finished!!! 
What an AWESOME answer to prayer!

They had a pizza party with all the kids and residents of HOH.
Matt said that each age group of kids were able to come up to our group and say their thank-you's.
Some of the women residents did as well.
This was also a time when Brian C. was able to give his testimony.
Right before leaving HOH the team gave all of the children the backpacks and teddy bears that SRBC provided.
Oh, that would of been fun to see :)

The team got back to the Mission house after 7:00.
They had their meeting time as a team
started the job of packing/weighing up!

Matt is coming back MUCH lighter.
He left one of the suitcases
all the tools he brought --actually all the tools that SRBC provided were donated to HOH
some of his clothes/shoes for some needy men.

Matt did make a trip to the store to get more coffee -- YEAH!!!

When we talked last night --
He was tired and so was I
So, it was a quick 12 minute phone call -- with only 2 dropped calls using SKYPE!

We had a regular day at home --- hahahah
All of us went to school -- no sickies
I did have to pick up the girls from school -- which makes a race to their school after my school ends!
My mom made dinner -- split pea and ham soup with a wonderful salad.  All I had to add was fruit -- 8 cut-up kiwi's and drinks. 
YUMMY -- Yes, ALL the kids love this! 
The boys had a band concert --
which we raced to right after dinner.
The girls were tired and Lauren so graciously came and stayed with the girls while I went to the concert.
I made all the arrangements for everyone on Friday --- as District Festival for Band is Friday -- Of course, each boy at a different time ;)

I fell asleep RIGHT after Matt's call.
I woke up at 1:30 in the morning 
and crawled into an EMPTY bed -- which I was thrilled about. 
UNABLE to fall asleep.
So, I read.

What a surprise to get TWO phone calls this morning!!
BOTH schools 
We are so excited!

Matt texted me shortly after that to tell me they were loaded up and leaving for the airport.

He said, 'I LOVE YOU!!! Can't wait to see u guys!'
Only a bit longer!


They have JUST landed in Miami.
A text and a REAL phone call from Matt :)
They have about 2 1/2 hours before they board the next flight.

Please pray for continued safety today as they have ONE more flight --
to Chicago later today 
drive home late tonight.
The weather is NOT great -- 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wednesday Update -- Missions and Family :)

Praising God that I had a


Unfortunately, my children did NOT ....


BaJabs had a parent day -- a time where a parent/grandparent comes in for EACH child and there are activities set-up for you to do WITH your child.
Well, my mom was scheduled to go with BaJabs --
Thankfully, because of the snow day I got to go be with her.
It was such fun!!!

The school activities lasted a couple of hours then I came home and 
GRADED LOTS of papers for school.
YES, I used my day off to DO school work!!!
The school also decided to KEEP the scheduled district meeting ON.
So, after I picked-up the girls from school, dropped of MD's FFA stuff at the high school, stopped at the  post office, went to my mother-in-laws house (YES, she made me dinner AGAIN :)) and dropped all the kids off at home
I went to the meeting --
I returned home at 5:30 --
UNFORTUNATELY, a bit sick.  
I think I'm coming down with something -- trying to ward it off!!!

Boys to church -- girls home with me.
Boys MISSED their ride home 
P. Josh saved them -- and brought them home -- LATE but they made it.

SO --  all in bed 
Finally, Matt called!!

Nicaragua Mission Trip 2013

The SRBC Team!

Skype was cooperative tonight -- only 2 kick-offs
I got to see more than his nose :)

This call was sooooo positive -- and I LOVE that!!
There were MANY answers to prayer today!

ALL 4 trusses went up WITHOUT any problems.

Actually, they went up in about 1 1/2 hours.
The 3 locals were a BIG help.

There are some funny stories working with these locals ;)
A Dave R., a local and Matt did lots of welding.
This is ALL a big answer to prayer!
No complaints about the weather :)
There IS more welding to finish the trusses tomorrow but all doable!

Most everyone is finishing up nicely with their projects. 
YES -- more answers to prayer!
Cabinetry is coming to an end.
Drop ceilings in rooms.
LOTS of painting by Trish and Margie -- BLACK paint
Yes, Margie turned colors :)
Cement work done.
LOTS of wiring accomplished.
I did NOT get an update on the plumbing BUT he did say ALL the projects were doing well!

Tomorrow things will be finished up.
They will sheet the roof of the building.

They will be done ON TIME --
they are having a pizza party with the kids at HOH.

OH -- and today they had an ice cream party for all of the kids at the end of the day!!!  The kids LOVED it :)
Matt has sent me numerous pictures of the kids!! 
Oh, my LOVE!!!  
Although, I do feel uncomfortable publishing them on the web.
BUT believe me they are adorable and loving being with our team!!!

Matt said it will be difficult saying good-bye for many of them because the kids have become their buddies.
The women have been working/spending time with the kids after school doing fun activities.
Extra prayers for all of them around 5:30 tomorrow!

Also, found out tonight that many kids need uniforms and sponsorship for Christian school.

A uniform for a girl is $26 
 an ENTIRE year tuition to Christian school is $126.

It is safer for a girl to be in a uniform because it shows she belongs to something.
I know MANY if not ALL of the people on the team are giving money for one or the other of these options.
Matt and I talked about it tonight.  BOTH options are wonderful!!!
Amazing what a little amount of money can to do to change a child's life!!!

Again, everyone was safe today!
They had a GREAT meal!

12 of them went to a local mall this evening to 'check it out!'
Yes, they are TIRED!
They have been working HARD!
No EXTRA burns :)
Ummmm.... there are a few with tummy issues ;0
Prayers ALL this straightens up before traveling Friday morning.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tuesday -- Mission Trip Update

Nicaragua Mission Trip 2013

Matt and I have talked nightly 
tonight we finally had good reception for SKYPE.
Our call only dropped 2 times :)

He called early to talk to the kids.
Yes, the kids miss him like crazy!

They pray for him all of the time.
They talk lots about him.
ALL of us especially miss him around dinner time.
Matt is SO much fun at the dinner table.
It's the time where the kids tell him all about their day, we talk about what we are thankful for --
there is ALWAYS lots of joking and laughing going on!!
Yes, Matt instigates all of that.

Thankfully, he called right after dinner and the kids ABSOLUTELY loved it!!!  They had their 'DINNER' session on SKYPE.  It was fun :)

He called me much later so we could discuss the day :)

OF COURSE, the team is tired :)
They are working --- LOTS!!

They have a nice plan on what can get done and they are sticking to it!

They got the suitcase WITH the chop saw!!!!!!
Really, it is a total answer to prayer!
Thank-you, LORD!

Matt has spent an ENORMOUS amount of time welding!
Really, like -- ALL OF THE TIME!

They have done some picnic tables.

Much of the welding work is on the trusses.
The trusses are done (built) --

They will be going up -- pending the weather --
in the morning.

The trusses go ON TOP of the red steel poles.

PRAY for little wind!!

Matt has to do a lot of welding ON TOP of this structure.
They have hired 3 locals to come and help the guys put it up -- but Matt will do the welding.
Dophie and Dave R. have been helping with the welding as well.

Much of the cement work was done yesterday and today.

The group has worked on cabinetry and block laying.
Bill and P.Dave have wired 7 rooms.
Mike and Dave S. worked on cabinetry yesterday but today did a drop ceiling in an entire room.
Bruce is working on plumbing.
The women have been helping the guys where they can ...
today they were able to work with the BIG group of women.

When all of the women arrive they have a lesson time.
This is where they talk about the LORD and 'stuff.'
Trish gave her testimony to all of the women during this time -- 
She did an AMAZING job -- another answer to prayer!

P.Dave and Jen sang in Spanish to the group of women.

There was also testimonies from the local women.
Our women then got to help work with the HOH women doing the beading and card making.

The average temperature at this time of year in Nicaragua is 82 degrees 
today it was 92 -- with very little breeze.
Matt's arms are pretty burned -- 
SOME is from the sun and the rest from all of the welding.
PLEASE pray that it does not burn anymore.
YES, he is putting SPF50 on it AND aloe at night.

Bill is not feeling well again -- his cold is setting in and he is struggling with sleep.
There are just little things here and there with everyone
thankfully, everyone is really doing well!
A TOTAL praise and answer to our prayers!

They are eating well -- 
have a nice place to sleep at night and have their group meetings and planning sessions.
Everyone sounds happy -- they have been playing cards when Matt and I have been talking.
Yes, they are all goofy and having fun --
After a long day. 

They have been going to HOH around 7:00 am and leaving the site around 5:30 pm.
They do have to QUIT using machinery when the HOH women are in the TEACHING session.
The men were able to attend the TEACHING session today.

They have 2 LONG days of work remaining.
Continue to pray that they get MUCH done.
Pray for:
OPPORTUNITIES with locals AND HOH women
Changed Hearts

We are doing well as a family without dad!!
Today, I do have to admit was harder for me.

Matt runs the morning 'show' around here --
  I am VERY planned but when we all got going this morning I had 2 sick kids.
THANK-YOU -- to the MOMS for helping out!!
Work was BRAIN HARD today :)
AND with the wonderful snowy weather that I love -- NOT -- 
I had to race (haha -- as I followed someone going 25-30 miles an hour all the way to Montague) to pick-up the 2 of the girls from school BECAUSE BaJabs cannot ride the bus.
Well, a few tears dropped as I started for Montague!
It had been a lot today 
I knew I still had much more to do!

GOD KNEW -- what I needed!!!
My mother-in-law surprised me and made our dinner -- THANK-YOU to her and the LORD --
Thank-you to my mom for just listening -- and the email that made me smile :)
The kids all rallied tonight and we got things done and had a little fun!
My bed has 3 little girls waiting for me .......

I'm really looking forward to Matt coming home ;)

Monday, February 18, 2013

Sunday Night Mission Update

Nicaragua Missions Trip 2013



 Taken on the Volcano hike

Matt on the hike -- beautiful view :)

Matt called this evening and we actually got to talk for a longer period of time --
although our call got dropped numerous times -- like 10 times in 30 mintues!!!

My husband gives me DETAILS of the day!


I know that some of the men are not so wordy so I thought I would write down some of what he said ---
I take notes when he calls -- 

They started the day by going to an English speaking church.

International Christian Church and School 
He said the service was -- different
FUN bit -- A classmate of P.Nate from Cornerstone actually ATTENDS that church.
P. Nate didn't know it -- and met him there this morning.
Small world :)

After the service they drove an 1 1/2  -- really it wasn't that far but the roads are terrible.
They drove to Surf Resort on the Pacific Ocean.

Yes, my husband was one that was not thrilled about this excursion.
BUT he said he was so glad they went.
It was beautiful and relaxing.

 The waves were big!

The food was good!


Much time was spent planning with April AND learning -- he called it 'relationship building.'
Yes, this is an answer to prayer!!!

On the return trip they were on cobblestone roads for a bit
and then on a dirt road. 

On this road there were sugar cane fields.  Some trees along the road were trimmed and wood was just laying there.  April stated the wood would be great for the women to cook with.  
Julie said, 'why don't we stop and load up?'
that is exactly what they did.

They all unloaded, picked up wood and loaded the bus.  Neighbors stood at their doorways staring.  So, P.Nate took the opportunity and started handing out tracks.
Another answer to prayer -- opportunities to plant seeds!

When they returned to the mission dinner was ready 

 The mission where they are staying.

P. Nate, Matt and Joe returned to HOH with April and the driver to unload the wood.

On the return trip they were conversing with the driver and his young son.  At some point in the conversation the driver wanted to know if they wanted to see his house.  
they went.  He lives in a nice home -- very nice for the area
Because most live in houses of tin -- Matt said it is VERY poverty stricken.

This man was different.  BUT through the conversation he ended up telling them about his salvation AND made it clear that his wife was not --- while she was standing there.  He asked them to pray for her -- and they did.

Bill's cold is not so bad.  YEAH!!! Another answer :)
P.Nate has had some issues :) AND he's being very teased about it!

Matt's NOSE was red -- hahaha -- since that was the sight I had on SKYPE for 1/2 of the call!

They all sounded good in the back ground.
Jen was laughing lots -- Brain was talking a bit with Matt.
It was very light hearted.

They seem to have a plan for tomorrow -- which is an answer to our prayers!
He did ask for prayers about putting up the trusses.
Our women will start having opportunities to work with the HOH women this week -- pray for open hearts.

I know I said it would be short -- haha!!! ALMOST DONE!

They have 4 GOOD LONG days ahead of them!
PLEASE pray for them to prioritize and do what they need to do.
Pray they will to listen to GOD and remember HIS greatness!
Of course, pray for safety and good health!

Matt and his brother-in-law, Bill