Tuesday, November 11, 2014

New Members in the Family :)

NO -- it is NOT what you think!!!!!


I did swear I would NEVER have animals IN the house

If any of you know me -- well, I am a bit picky!!!
I do NOT like smells or messes!!!
Animals do BOTH!!


I decided to surprise the kids and do this!!!

I had a FB friend that was looking for a new home for some lizards.  She actually stated:   I have two leopard geckos that I want to give away including their habitat & everything they need. They are not really "pets" that you would handle but they are fun to watch, especially when they stalk insects. Easy care. They eat wax worms, but they prefer crickets.

AND I thought.....

'The boys would LOVE this.....and it is the perfect price!'


I did not KNOW what they REALLY were!!!

Her husband came to deliver them at school -- yes, they were even delivered to me -- he said, "Why don't I bring them down to the farm.  It is a bit heavy."  I'm thinking --- 'Really??? What is so heavy about a little plastic aquariaum and 2 little lizards?'  
I said, "Sure, that would be nice.  I'll call Matt to let him know you are coming."

Well, I'm a bit uneducated with these things BUT I did score BIG points!!!!

The boys could NOT believe I actually did this!!! 
They LOVE them!!!

About a month later another friend posted that her daughter had outgrown her guinea pig and was looking to find a new home -- everything included.

Yes, once again I thought .....

My Darling is ASKING and BEGGING for this.  She has even written a persuasive essay about getting a guinea pig for a pet.  It is top on her list for Christmas AND her birthday -- hmmm..... this is the perfect price to try it out!


The animal was delivered to me at school! WOW -- even delivered!!!

I brought him home ---


 Yes, I surprised her and made her close her eyes!!!


 I carried him into the house.

She is a tad bit surprised!

Junie has now entered out home!

He is very LOVED!!!

The smell is not always great -- and you have to get used to the squeaks -- but all in all not too bad -- as long as I don't have to take care of them!!!

Cleaning the cage -- the least favorite thing to do!!!

Welcome to the family -- critters!

Yes, they even try to dress him.  He wiggles out after a bit ;)

Thank-you FB friends for providing our family with pets I NEVER would of done without you!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Surprise -- Wedding

My baby brother gets MARRIED!!!
Really -- he's NOT a baby ;)  


We are all so excited for him!!!

He's older -- yet found a wonderful, godly and beautiful woman -- 
SO -- he snatched her up!!!

He asked her to marry him on Friday and married her one week later!

She wanted to get married out by the lighthouse --- yes, it is NOVEMBER!  

My bother with his buddies! 
Both friends since childhood, who have prayed for him and supported him through many of lives turmoils!
I love that both could make it work to be here --- one is the pastor and the other the best man!

My parents with my brother BEFORE the wedding!

They are checking out where to have the ceremony.
It was snowing and misty until the exact time the wedding was to start! 

Thank-you, Lord for answering our prayers!

Monica with her dad.

Josh waiting to get his brides hand.

The vows!

The newly married couple.


I am THRILLED God has blessed my brother in this new chapter of his life.  I have prayed and prayed for him.  His life is completely changed.  Yes, he is still my fun, crazy, creative and passionate brother BUT completely sober!!!!  God is amazing -- HE does change lives!!! 

Yes, we have a middle sister BUT on short notice she was not able to fly in! 
This summer when we have a reception she will join us :)

Josh and Monica, 
I pray this season of life continues to draw you closer to each other and to HIM.  I am excited to see each of you try new things -- Josh I can't wait to see you swing dance -- Monica I pray you love sking like Josh, well -- at least a bit like Josh!!!  I pray that you find many common interests -- and grow together as a couple.  I pray for the continued 'balance' I see between you -- Monica's calm and joyful spirit with Josh's passionate yet, sometimes loud and spicy ;) spirit! I pray God's richest blessings in your marriage!  

I LOVE you both!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Elizabeth gets an award

We got a phone call from Dr. F's office informing us they picked Elizabeth to be one of the patients to recieve a new bike.
This is a fun surprise for about 14 patients who had big years ;)
AND of course, our Elizabeth had a difficult year with her sugeries!

There is a group of college students who get bikes and put them all together and ready for patients.  The students don't realize ALL the kids are in the building ready to recieve the bikes.  This is so much fun!!!  There are MANY of the doctors present as well!

All the kids waiting to surprise the college students!!

WOW -- look at all of the students AND patients/kids!!! 

Elizabeth with Dr. F's assistant -- Will.  My girls think he is GREAT!!!

IF you are wondering -- Elizabeth can ride a bike BUT still needs training wheels because of her inability to balance and hold the bike well with her hands.  She LOVES that she can get on the bike and keep up with the other girls!

Thank-you to all of the college students who made this possible at GVSU -- I know Elizabeth felt pretty special about this gift!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Fair time -- Showmanship Day

4-H Showmanship Day at the Fair!

Well, the day has arrived when all the work the kids put into their pigs gets tested :)

Showmanship and Market judging day

Showmanship -- here is a good article explaining what takes place:

There are many things to think about -- appearance of both the animal AND yourself; placement -- keeping the animal between the judge and yourself at all times; knowledge -- knowing everything about your animal and breed.  

MD's age group was up first:

He does a good job -- he stays calm and keeps a smile on his face EVEN when his animal is not cooperative.  He got third.

JM was up next.  

He is much more serious than MD.  He concentrates hard on what is going on with his animal and forgets to smile ;)  He is still in the learning stages and did not place. BUT made huge improvements from last year.

My Darling's was in the final Showmanship group. 

This is her first year showing alone.  She is looking so cute in all her farmgirl wear!
She did great for her first time as well.  Her pig was not very cooperative.  She answered the question well but again like JM she was so serious!  We know what we need to work on for next year:)

Market is up next.  This has nothing to do with the kid and ALL to do with the look of the pig (size and fat/muscle of the animal).
The judge decides which pigs look the best for selling/market.

MD and JM's pigs graded in the upper middle of the group -- there are about 60 pigs.

Unfortunately, My Darling's pig did NOT make weight (the first time EVER one of the Woller pigs did not make weight -- which REALLY bothered dad -- we tried EVERYTHING -- the pig ate in swine heaven for weeks before the fair --- it just couldn't put on weight!)

SO -- she could not do market AND she can not sell at the auction -- she needs to find her own seller AFTER the auction -- YES, she is VERY concerned about this!

After the judging -- daddy with BaJabs

MD eating a wonderful caramel apple after all his work.

JM and My Darling have barn duty right after the judging.  Each 4-H member must take part in barn duty -- keeping an eye on the animals AND keeping the barn clean for fair goers to easily view the animals.  The swine area assigns duty in 3 hour sessions.

Hanna and BaJabs waiting around.  Thankfully, she likes hanging out and seeing all of the animals.
This is a LONG day --- everyone is always relieved once it is over.  Now to just keep the pigs fed over the next few days and enjoy!


Head, Heart, Hands, and Health are the four Hs in 4-H, and they are the four values members work on through fun and engaging programs.
  • Head - Managing, Thinking
  • Heart - Relating, Caring
  • Hands - Giving, Working
  • Health - Being, Living
I pledge my head to clearer thinking,
My heart to greater loyalty,
My hands to larger service,
and my health to better living,
for my club, my community, my country, and my world.
4-H empowers youth to reach their full potential, working and learning in partnership with caring adults.
 A world in which youth and                  adults learn, grow and work together            as catalysts for positive change.


Sunday, August 10, 2014

AND she has arrived :)

After a VERY long traveling day PLUS ---
Hanna has arrived from South Korea.

She kept updating me via texts to her where-a-bouts.  
When she got to Chicago she had a layover --
I was checking her next flight and noticed it was CANCELLED!!!


Yes, I informed her before the airlines informed her.  
It took a bit -- and me thinking I may have to drive to Chicago -- 


She called as she was walking onto the plane. It was the last flight (and earlier than the original one) coming to GR today AND she actually got one of the last seats!!  
Praise the LORD!!!  


We had to run around like crazy people and get to GR to get her.  The flight takes less time to get to GR than it does for us to drive to GR.
We got there just a few minutes AFTER she arrived -- and a nice lady waited with her until we arrived.

She is tired BUT glad to be here.
She looks like she fits right in with us!!!

Micah and I went into the airport to get her AND the kids waited by the curb to greet her.

All the kids -- the girls are SOOOOO excited!

The girls and JM showing Hanna her bedroom and some of the things they made for her.

She brought gifts for all of us!
She was so thoughtful.  She was paying attention to our likes during our SKYPE calls and texting times.  

Korean coffee/tea mugs for Matt and I.

Oreo ceral for MD -- something that is no longer available in the USA.

Special Hello Kitty chopsticks the Elizabeth can actually hold.

Molding clay artwork for BaJabs.

Jewelry for My Darling.

Special Pokemon for JM -- something that is NOT available in the USA.

ALL the girls chilling in the morning after her flight.

I think she is going to fit right in with the Woller family!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

We are ready!


HM arrives TONIGHT!!!

We have made room all around the house for the new addition to our family.

Her bedroom turned out WAY better than I expected it!!  

I LOVE IT -- well, actually all the girls do.  They are trying to figure who gets this room when HM leaves.  

We made room for her in the bathroom.

We made room for her in the mud room -- she now has two hooks.  

She even has her own job card -- just like the other kids!

We made visual cards to help her as she is still struggling with the language.

We also made her a folder of HELPS -


LOTS AND LOTS of welcomes to our family!!!

As you can see we are all excited for our new member to arrive.

Our signs are even ready to meet her at the airport!

I hope she is ready for us ;)