Welcome to Mrs. Woller's 6th Grade Language Arts

Jan. 2012
Chinese New Year
     Chinese New Year is something special I enjoy doing for the students each year.  Of course, this particular holiday is special to my family :)  My family celebrated it at home over the weekend and then we celebrated it at school.

     Monday we learned about China.  We learned about some of the history, customs and fun words.  I also dress is traditional daily Chinese clothing.  We made lanterns.  I also introduced the Chinese Zodiac and the essay they need to write using the zodiac.

     Tuesday was our 'eating' day.  I made enough food for all 98 students and some staff :)  We had pineapple chicken, hot/spicy chicken and beef and veggies.  We had egg rolls and homemade crab rangoons.  Of course, we had sticky rice, tea and fortune cookies.  I also taught the kids how to use chop sticks.  My mom made the rangoons and came and helped me all day long.  Both of us dress in a more traditional 'dress' wear.  We had a really fun day!

     Wednesday we worked on our Essay's.  The students needed to figure out what animal represented them on the zodiac.  They read the description.  They had to describe the animal, pick 1 characteristic and decide if that described them or not.  They had to do that 3 times.  The conclusion of the essay, the student had to decide if the Chinese Zodiac is a good way to pick friends and/or a spouse.  WoW!!  There was some great essays!  We also learned how to do some Cung-Fu.  That was funny!!!