Saturday, November 30, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

A wonderful time of year to give THANKS for all that God has provided!

I am so thankful for the many blessings that I have been given.

A godly husband, a wonderful church family, my health, a job that not only provides financially but one that I enjoy -- at least most days :)  A beautiful home, food, GREAT health insurance --- I could go on and on .........
BUT this year
I am so thankful God allowed ME to be the mommy of our 5 children.
I do ask Him often -- 'Why me?'  
The God of all the world knew what I needed when He picked each of them!
They bless me with laughter, craziness, LOVE, hugs, LAUGHTER (yes, I know I said it once!!)
My life is better because of them!

All 5 on Thanksgiving 2013!

Here is what each of My Blessings are thankful this Thanksgiving!

They were asked, "What are you thankful for this year?"
And this is their unprompted responses!

MD is thankful for......
1.  Nanny because she spoils us, all the special things she does for us and helping us.
2.  My daddio (dad's nickname) -- because he teaches me about a good work ethic and other good skills to have. 

JM is thankful for..... 
1.  MD because he is patient with me.
2.  The girls even though they can be annoying BUT they always are willing to play.

Elizabeth is thankful for...... 
1.  JM because he plays with us in the basement.
2.  Mom because she makes good food.

My Darling is thankful for..... 
1.  BaJabs because she laughs at all of my jokes and she deals with my attitude.
2.  Elizabeth because she's always willing to take a joke.

BaJabs is thankful for.....
1.  My Darling because she is patient with me.
2.  All of my clothes.

We pray that you had a Happy Thanksgiving giving thanks for your many blessings!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Elizabeth updates and happenings

Elizabeth ----

Our wonderful, amazing, hard-working, happy, crazy, flamboyant little girl!

WOW -- does she ever work hard!

This past summer she worked!!

1.  Summer School -- 4 days a week for a month.

2.  Occupational Therapy for an hour each week all summer long in GR.

 Working hard at therapy with Ms. Ellen

Again, working hard on her writing!

3.  Physical Therapy -- special swim lessons for an hour once a week for six weeks.

 Learning how to swim!

This is so much fun!

4.  A new leg -- that was HARD to fit!

 The process has begun.

One of the MANY fittings!

It is FINALLY finished but her leg is so swollen from surgery she cannot wear it!

5.  We did all of our therapies and appointments in GR on Mondays.  This was a mom and Elizabeth day!  It was a special bonding time.  She picked lunch each week.  Panera's was a favorite!

Her favorite:  Cheesy broccoli soup with french bread. 

6.  Surgery -- 

7.  An ER visit and lots of healing!!!

Ms. Happy even in the hospital!

8.  The beginning of a second year in 2nd grade.

Thankfully, she is doing wonderful!!!  All three girls are in separate classrooms this year AND Elizabeth is absolutely thriving.  Matt and I are so thankful.

Phew....that's alot!!!

But you know.....

Sometimes God just allows lemons  in life.  Each time we turn all of her hardships and challenges into lemonade -- well, a few more lemons appear.

Thankfully, God has given this little girl an EXTRA big dose of JOY!

Because she just smiles through it all and says --
"Ok, mom!  We will do this!"


This next lemon -- well, it will certainly be a challenge.

Unfortunately, her last set of x-rays showed an issue with her hip socket and joint.  AND it just happens to be the worst on her LONG leg side -- 

YES, her good side.
The prognosis after many opinions is:


If not -- well, she will end up with severe arthritis and most likely be wheelchair bound in her late 20's or 30's and/or need hip replacement surgery.

SO -- on December 11 she is having

right hip acetabuloplasty.

What a mouthful!!!

They will take bone from near her growth plate above the hip to fill in at the needed area on her hip socket.  AND be placed in a full-body cast for 6 weeks. 



That is not all......

She has a problem with her 2 finger hand.  China made a mess of the surgery they did.  AND it needs to be fixed.  

So, instead of going in twice it was recommended to do this surgery at the same time as the hip surgery.

So -- on December 11 she is having surgery on her left hand.

Yep, this is a bit overwhelming.

ESPECIALLY, when I get a phone call about everything I have to get:

1.  Hospital bed -- yes, we will have one IN our house -- somewhere on the MAIN floor!
2.  Commode
3.  Transfer Board
4.  Harness style seat belt for the car
5.  Reclining wheelchair

ALL covered by my insurance -- THANK-YOU, LORD!

I also have to make her clothes -- undies, too!
OH, MY ---- REALLY!!!

They held a meeting with just Matt and I this week to prepare, 2 hours long.  Thankfully, both doctors were present and their personal nurses.  I LEARNED lots.  


I'm feeling better -- a bit more prepared.
 But SCARED, too!!!

Somethings are better than I expected -- like probably only 3 days in the hospital.  

And somethings are worse -- like a FULL 6 weeks in a FULL body case AND 6 more weeks totally NON-WEIGHT barring on her.

When we got home Elizabeth was waiting to talk to me.  She wanted to know ALL about it.  
When I finished she said, "Ummm.... How am I suppose to open Christmas presents?"

My answer: "Well, you still have another hand -- actually, one with 3 fingers.  I think you can do it -- BUT if you can't, I PROMISE I will help."

BIG SMILE -- "ok, mom!"

  I assured her I would still make her look pretty, as well.  She looked right at me and said, "Mom, no worries, I KNOW you will do that!"

I can't believe it --- If we as adults had all of these 'issues,' would we be so understanding and joyful??

I PRAY that I could be -- but sometimes, well, it seems my first response is a whine.  AND that is why I've been so quiet, lately:)

I know the Lord has given Elizabeth to our family for a reason!
She continually teaches me to:

 Take things in stride.  
Be Patient!  
LOVE fully and LOTS! 
Laugh LOUD!!!  
Just have some FUN!!!  
PRAY -- and PRAY some more!!

  I'm really writing all of this to say: 
FRIENDS please pray for us.

Yes, Elizabeth has been blessed with an amazing attitude.
Yet, she still needs prayer!

**She fully understands what is going on.
**She does well in surgery and recovery.
**Perfect skills for BOTH Dr. F and Dr. M
**They DO NOT have to cast her hand --
**She excepts AND handles the FULL body cast.
**She experiences LITTLE to NO pain.

Please also pray for our family!!!

**Patience and Understanding with all the changes.
**Wisdom to make decisions about Elizabeth AND what things to do and NOT do during the holidays!
**Easy transformation of our home -- everything handicap ready!
**We have an enjoyable Christmas season -- even through unusual circumstances :)
**The Woller family remains JOYFUL through all circumstances.
**SPECIFICALLY ME HERE:  My back!!!  I have been having issues lately and am trying to strengthen it.  BUT it is still bothering me.  I will be doing LOTS of lifting and need my back :)  Please pray!

Thank-you!! for joining us before the throne of the LORD ALMIGHTY!  
We know HE will answer us.  We TRUST Him through this 'storm!'  We have seen HIS hand many times before and I KNOW we will see HIS hand, again.  We will CHOOSE JOY!  

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Happy Birthday Elizabeth

Our Beautiful Elizabeth turns 9!

I cannot believe it!
She is looking so grown-up!

This little girl is sooooo excited for her birthday.

She wanted to have an owl theme this year.

I was able to make ---- YES, make an owl cake -- gluten-free even!

An adorable owl outfit was worn -- one that matches her.... FLASHY!

Elizabeth picked the dinner menu:

**Breaded (gluten-free) tilapia fish
**red potatoes, onions, and zucchini backed in tin foil in the oven
**apple salad -- apples, whip cream with 3 Musketeer candy bars. 
**Apple Cider

This was enjoy by all -- except BaJabs -- as she HATES fish ;)

Gift time:
She is so fun to watch!!!

Slippers -- she wanted my mom to make her.

Friends LEGO's -- yes, these are kind of an obsession in our home.

A personalized Christmas stocking - to go with the rest of us.

Tennis shoes, a gift card


 A Kindle Fire HD!!!
 LOVE her faces!!!
My Darling -- is excited for her!
My Darling is helping her out!  Yes, My Darling got one a year ago and LOVES it.  

Now, this was much bigger than our normal birthday gifts -- but due to her HUGE surgery coming up -- well, she is going to need something to do when she can't move for so long.  We felt this was kinda needed.  
she was beyond excited about it!!!!!!!!

We ended the evening by singing Happy Birthday to a very happy little girl.

eating the delicious owl!

This girl is AMAZING!  She has the best joyful attitude -- especially for someone with SO MANY 'issues.'  

She has made unbelievable progress -- which I will update about soon.  She has HUGE 'things' in front of her -- which I will update about soon, as well.


she takes it all in stride -- with SMILES!

She loves LEGOS, the color purple, writing and drawing, her American Girl dolls, owls and pandas.

She still has a WONDERFUL accent -- Oh, I will be so sad when it fades.  
She says the funniest things -- even though she messes up in her speech/vocabulary -- she jokes about it!

Yes, she has great HUMOR!

SO -- Happy Birthday to our 'D' girl!

YOU are a blessing to our family


We are thankful GOD chose US to be your family!

Friday, November 1, 2013

A Different Halloween

Happy Halloween!!!

The three girls enjoyed Halloween fun at school -- ALL DAY!!!
They had so much fun -- and of course ate enough junk food -- for a LONG time.

JM enjoyed a party the night BEFORE Halloween.  
AND can you believe 
He was an ear of corn.  

Oh, and MD is out-of-town.  He is at the National FFA Convention in Louisville, Kentucky.  He enjoyed an haunted house scare night!

 Instead of trick-or-treating
this year we decided to do something different!
Life has just been so crazy busy -- we miss just being together -- all the kids dislike the RUSH of life.

Matt and I offered the kids the opportunity to pick dinner, any candy bar, and a movie.


They said YES!!!!

The pick for dinner ........
TACO BELL!!! (Really!!!)

The movie ......  

Eating in the living room, watching movies, warmth, dryness, cuddles and relaxation ----

This would be a WONDERFUL 

Our goofy daddy!!!