Thursday, December 27, 2012

Beauty and the Beast


Wow -- was My Darling ever excited about going to see Beauty and the Beast!

Really ---

Mommy was, too!!!!

Matt took me to see Beauty and the Beast on Broadway in NYC when it first came out 9 ish years ago.

So, I was itching to see it again, as well.

My Darling decided what she wanted to wear -- and she wanted her hair done up!
She is so beautiful!

We arrived at the play and My Darling was so excited.  She handed the usher her ticket with such a big smile.  She just couldn't wait to get into the theater.
Thankfully, we had pretty good seats.  
She was just full of smiles -- and finally the show started --

Well, I do have to say it was GREAT!!!

My Darling sat on my lap for much of it just to see better and to be honest --
I did NOT mind :)

She would be watching and then just turn around a kiss my cheek, 'Thanks mom -- I LOVE this!'

We both had the same favorite --
'Be our Guest'

Although, she LOVED the final dancing when Belle was all dressed up. 
She loved when the Beast was turned into the prince right before our eyes.

It was difficult to take any pictures with the lighting

So, I have just a few :)

She also decided to get a Beauty/Belle shirt with some of her Christmas $$$$!  I LOVE it :)

We were able to stop for dinner and spend some extra time together
just the two of us!

As a mom -- I TRY, to spend quality time with all of my kids.
I try to spend one-on-one time periodically with each.
This is such a precious time where I find out so much about them.


Yes, I know many want to know about the other girls and how they reacted --
Well, BaJabs said to My Darling as she was getting ready, 'I'm so excited for you -- I know you are going to love it.  When I get bigger I will be able to do something like that, too!'
Both girls got to go to Aunt Audrey's and have an AWESOME day with their cousins.  They did nails, played outside, played dolls and ate GREAT!!!
They had so much fun!

Thank-you LORD that you provided this awesome time with my daughter!
It was priceless!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Our Christmas

Oh, the JOY and excitement of Christmas!

I need to say AGAIN.....


I love the TRUE meaning -- it's Jesus' birthday!!!  


I also LOVE the anticipation, the shopping, the decorations, traditions, fun, candy making, family time AND finding and giving gifts!
I LOVE watching faces when people are opening gifts!

This day was special!
Not only was it the birthday of my Savior
It was also ............ Elizabeth's first EVER!!!

So, sit back and enjoy a look at our 
Christmas Day!

 Opening stockings.
This does NOT require parents :)
The kids may get up after 7:00 am and open these on their own.  
Once they are done they can wake us up :)
Dad had chores this year ..... so, he got up with them.
They did NOT wake mommy up until daddy got home.
AND since I was up until 3 -- I was thankful!!!

The girls having fun with the 'Dollbucks coffee drinks' that were in their stockings for their dolls.

Mommy and her girlies!  Yes, I'm barely awake, here.  
Elizabeth WANTED glasses for Christmas.  She absolutely LOVED these Hello Kitty ones I found.

 Of course, we have to take a picture before the gift giving begins!
8:20 am.
They all have been GREAT about waiting for dad to get chores done!
Although, that does mean they liked what was in their stockings :)

 The first gifts --
LOVE Elizabeth's face!
She is soooooo excited!

 One of her gifts this year was her first BIG girl BIBLE!
This was one of the top things on her list.  She was so excited. 
AND it had her name on it .... She couldn't believe it!

JM and his ihome

 BaJab's can't believe it!
Her very own ipod -- 
it's just a shuffle BUT oh, my!
She doesn't have to beg JM or My Darling any more!!!

My Darling and mommy get to go see Beauty and the Beast LIVE!
This is just as special for mommy as My Darling.
She shares my love for live productions!

 My Darling is so excited and thankful she jumps into my lap with a BIG hug.
'Thanks mom!'

 She's thinking she knows what her final gift is ...... hmmm...
McKenna her doll is the same size......

MD and his new ski goggles.
My Darling said, "you're smokin hot, MD!"

 My children and husband were EXTREMELY generous to me!!!
More pieces for my nativity, a waffle iron, a new knife set, a Fossil wallet


 A Kitchen Aid Mixer
with extra attachment pieces!!
I was soooo excited!

 MD -- trying to act surprised!
This was the puzzle he actually picked out for himself :)

 Elizabeth got the American Girl bed for Josefina.
She was actually amazed.  Mommy was too --- it's a beautiful bed with great bedding -- AND easy to put together :)

My Darling and BaJabs sooooo very excited about their new dolls.
My Darling got Caroline and BaJabs got Julie.  I have heard about these dolls almost everyday for 6 months.  They have been saving their money -- but we decided to surprise them and get that for Christmas.  They were definitely happy!


The boys and their BIG gift -- 
Dad waited in line the day after Thanksgiving for this :)

Around 10 am my parents, brother and Lauren's family arrived for our traditional Christmas Breakfast:
egg casserole -- meat one AND a veggie one, oatmeal casserole -- gluten free  and regular  -- with yogurt, sticky cinnamon rolls and OJ.

 Sitting down to eat!
you can see we are all dressed and looking 'normal'

 My Darling even had Caroline with her breakfast tray!

 My Darling with her gift from Lauren ---- Inkpot, Caroline's cat. 

 Raelynn opening her gifts -- with the help from mommy!

Unfortunately, my sister and her family were not able to come home for Christmas 
Thankfully, technology helps keep us all connected!
We skyped after opening gifts and had a fun conversation!

In the afternoon ALL of us got a nap.
It was glorious!!!!

All in preparation for round 2 :)

We arrived at the farm around 5:30.  We had a wonderful dinner!!!  It is so nice that each family brings a part of the dinner.  It's yummy AND stress-free for all!

All 13 of the 'Woller' grandchildren.
What a great looking group!

This such a special part of our evening .....
The reading from the Bible of the birth of Jesus.
Each child, that reads, gets to read aloud a couple of verses.  Matt starts it off and helps everyone out!
This is such a special tradition started by Matt's dad a LONG time ago!

Everyone is ready ....  the older's are passing out the gifts this year.

My Darling got her very own pottery wheel from Aunt Audrey and family!

JM, and the rest of our children, got new Montague clothing.  This is our first year at the public school and they helped get us in the spirit of Wildcat Country!

MD waiting to open one of his gifts.  

The final gift of the evening is one of the MOST special.
Farmer nanny makes Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls for ALL the granddaughters' first Christmas.
Well, when we left for China in Feb. she asked me to find some fabric for the one she was going to make Elizabeth.  So, Raggedy Ann has TRUE Chinese fabric on for her dress, pantaloons and shoes AND Andy has fabric from Farmer Pa's old jeans.  
This is soooo special and such a work of love!
Elizabeth LOVES them!

Well, this is drawing to the end of a very LONG day -- 
Yep, we arrived home after 10 pm.


We are so unbelievably blessed!
Elizabeth said, 'That was the best Christmas!'
Of course, I had to laugh! 
 It was her FIRST Christmas.  

All of our children had a great day!  They all got many gifts and gave many as well!


We are all greatful for the most amazing gift of all
that is the gift that our God gave us ...

All I can say in humble adoration is,

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas to You

Our family wishes you a 


Merry Christmas!

Our prayer is that all remember the REAL reason for this season ---


Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve!


Every year we go to my parents for Christmas Eve.

The kids are overly excited for the evening because of all of the fun traditions that will take place!!!!

Tradition #1
Santa/Reindeer hats
This year nanny added ----
LIGHTED noses :)

 Elizabeth was all into making faces -- even though all the others were happy!

 Nose kisses :)

 Santa Elizabeth!


Tradition #2
Make your own PIZZA
Yes, this is a VERY BIG favorite.
Nanny even accommodated all of the gluten free folks :)

 Rollin out the dough!

 In the pan -- yes, this is her VERY first time :)
She's LOVING it!!!

Pick your own toppings!
Her favorite fruit is pineapple and she couldn't believe it is available to put on pizza!!

My Darling and her pizza ready for the oven.

Tradition #3
Open presents from nanny and pa!

The crew waiting for their turn.
Yes, one at a time :)

My Darling opening --
YES, she was overly excited about this one -- Loopdedoo -- a bracelet making 'thing'
Actually, it's pretty cool :)

 My Darling showing MD her violin tuner.  She HATES when her violin is out of tune!!

 MD's new guitar strap.

 JM LOVING his new blanket.

The girls watching me open one of my gifts.  It was shaped weird so we were all curious :)  It was a cupcake tree.  
Yes, I wanted one!!

Tradition #4
NEW p.j.'s provided by nanny and pa.

 AND again,
she was VERY excited!

All 5 in their new p.j.'s

AND now time to relax for a bit --- hahaha.
Time to play/use the new gifts.

 Elizabeth got a lap harp.  She LOVES music but it is a struggle to find something she can play -- she doesn't have lots of upper body strength and with short arms and only 5 fingers -- well, it's hard :)
This seems to work.  MD tuned it for her, I gave her a short lesson on following notes
she was actually able to follow the music and play Amazing Grace :)

 The girls and I watching the video on youtube about how to make bracelets on My Darlings new Loopdedoo.

 My Darlings first bracelet.  Nice job!

Yep, and one tired daddy sleeping.
He's just gearing up for everything we need to finish up when we get home :)

Again, we are overly blessed.
It is so much fun to spend time with family
to watch the wonder and excitement of children
especially when it is the first time for someone.
It's priceless!!!