Monday, November 26, 2012

Daddy and the kids getting the family tree


Every year Matt aka 'daddy', takes all of the kids to pick out a REAL family tree -- Mommy stays HOME!

Really, they are picking out the tree for me, aka 'mommy!'

Now -- I say every year, "Don't get a HUGE tree!"  

Yes, I think they try to get the biggest one possible.
The biggest one we've had is 16 feet.  YIKES!!  


Yes, it fit!  

I know they had lots of fun as I have many pictures as proof.

 JM and Elizabeth -- Yes, the mitten is her bunny ears on JM :)

 The goofy girls!

 The girls PLUS JM!  Not sure where MD is.

All of our beautiful children by the tree they picked.

 MD cutting the tree.

All the kids watching MD.  

 AND --
MD gets the honor of hauling it --
Daddy can take the pictures for mommy!

MD and Daddy bring the tree in and set it up.


It's a pretty nice looking 14 foot tree.  

Let the decorating begin!!!

OOPS -- I forgot to take a finished picture.


Friday, November 23, 2012

Traditions -- The start of the Christmas season!

The day after Thanksgiving!

Yep, Matt and I did do some shopping -- nothing CRAZY!!!
BUT we did get what we planned -- even cheaper!!!


Yes, it's all TOP secret!


Today is the beginning of the MARVELOUS 
Christmas Season!

This is the most wonderful time of the year!!!


I REdecorate my house!!!

I always start with the Nativity! 
Truly, this is the focus!


I LOVE my Nativity!
My mom and my children have added to it -- yearly!
Last year, the boys got me the Creche!

The kids have a nativity as well!  They retell the story all of the time.  My Darling and BaJabs couldn't wait to tell Elizabeth!

The kids got into helping me!!
Elizabeth is one excited girl!!

The girls helping me with the light clips!

Still more clips :)

The girls helping with all of the angels.

One of our many traditions is ......

Each child has their OWN Christmas tree.

The tree is fake.
The tree is decorated with all of the ornaments that they have received OR made since becoming a WOLLER!
Each of the ornaments represent 'specials' in their life.
Each child decorates their tree with me.  
We talk about the firsts and specials. 

This is such a special time with each child.

MD did his own tree and lights this year.  I just had to help with some placement.  BUT he did most on his own.  We did lots of remembering -- I love his first angel!  His tree is pretty full AND beautiful!

His favorite ornament is the squirrel.  The first time squirrel hunting with Uncle Josh 2 years ago.

 A pretty good smile -- laughing, actually!

A crazy one -- he's trying to be a squirrel!

JM TRIED to do his tree and lights this year -- but needed a tad bit of MD help :)
He did most of his ornaments as well.  We had a good time remembering all the special times!

His favorite ornament is the U of M globe from last year!  His favorite football team!  I love his homemade cinnamon ornaments!

My Darling needs help -- of course :)  
She did make sure the lights worked AND got all of the ornaments out.

Finally, her and I decorate together and talked!  LOTS of talking :)
She LOVES all of her ornaments!

her MOST favorite is her panda cloisonne from China.
My favorite -- is her angel she made in Kindergarten and a China girl ornament we got from a friend!

BaJabs and I created a beautiful tree.  
She has made MANY ornaments!!


she has some very special ornaments from China AND when some since she arrived.
Her and I had fun!

Her favorite is a Panda Bear bulb!
Mine is her angel she made in Kindergarten and the Panda, too!


ELIZABETH -- who was BEYOND excited!

Daddy and Elizabeth practiced ornament placement on a dead plant while waiting her turn!

I actually called her back downstairs AFTER she went up to bed -- so her and I could finish!

She does not have many ornaments -- a few she made yesterday with my mom -- and a few we have gotten. 

 Tomorrow I will give all three of the girls their NEW special one for this year.  It has to do with the traveling to China! 

Stayed tuned for THE BIG --- REAL tree!!!


The special new additions to the ornaments!

Yep -- we have 31 days until Christmas!

Planning, shopping, baking, cooking, decorating, more traditions, HOMEMADE PIZZA, sea-foam, cookie night at the farm, Christmas programs, concerts, arts & crafts, cards, MUSIC, baby Jesus, break from school, parties, giving & receiving and all that anticipation -- 

Oh, it's going to be so much fun!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

From our family to yours!

We have so much to be thankful for this year.

We live in a free country where we can worship freely!  Thank-you Lord!
We have an abundance of food!
We have a beautiful and WARM home!
BOTH Matt and I have good jobs one that includes GREAT insurance!
We have a great family!

MD who is so willing to help out -- with the younger kids, dinner and chores!

JM who has been encouraging me and doing thoughtful things for me the last month when things have been hard at work.  He is so perceptive!

My Darling -- oh, that girl!  I am so thankful for her spunk and enthusiasm!  She definitely keeps us all going especially in the laughter department!

BaJabs --  I'm so thankful that she is blossoming this year.  She's learned to read and write AND LOVES it!  She LOVES school and is making great friends.  That warms my heart!


Elizabeth -- I'm so thankful for this addition to our family!
She is crazy!!!  FUN!!!  She has the best smile and attitude.  She's tried so many new things in the last 8 months.  She takes everything in stride!  She does not complain -- she tries everything -- BUT tells us if she likes it or not!
She can WALK!  Thank-you LORD!  


I'm so thankful for my husband.

He is the BEST dad ever!
He puts up with my obsessions of cleanliness and organization!
He loves me -- no matter what  -- AND I know some days are hard than others! 

FINALLY -- and most important 
I'm thankful for my salvation and this life HE chose for me!
This is NOT the life I planned but I'm so thankful HE saw more.  WOW -- it's a GREAT adventure!

We had a wonderful day at my mom and dad's house.

We ate GREAT food!
My mom cooked a tasty turkey, sweet potato casserole that was delicious, mashed potatoes and gravy, AND made the BEST gluten free stuffing ever!!!  OH -- and she made a lemon meringue pie for the first time -- YUMMY!  
My brother brought the fruit, my grandma her famous bean salad and I brought another salad -- I did PROVIDE the gluten free bread for the stuffing BUT mom made it taste delicious!

The girls made some ornaments.

The boys watched football.
took many breaks.

My brother brought some sponge capsules for the girls.

This is something so simple BUT Elizabeth had NEVER done anything like this -- and LOVED it.

The kids also played LOTS of Connect Four.
JM is pretty much the BIG winner!


of course, they had to play a game of Scrabble.
MD won!

The kids surprised me with some wonderful pictures my aunt snapped of them when she was home.  They are GREAT!!!  I can't wait to post some.  

I was able to fit in a nap next to the fireplace and search the ads for some of the Christmas items I need.

It was a great day with family!

Monday, November 19, 2012

A new driver -- in training!

MD is finally in driver's training!

Yes, it has been an issue -- 
3 times a company cancelled the classes right before they were to start -- 


too late to sign-up with another company.


3 strikes and they are ...............


So, it's been a bit over 2 weeks of classes and a few times driving


can you believe it???

They give out pink slips ---





since I picked him up tonight--
I got the privilege of experiencing his driving skills ---- FIRST!!!

I know he's good at it -- he's driven a tractor and stuff at the farm for a long time.


I was still a bit nervous!
I LIKE control -- you know!

NOW --

Don't get me wrong.

I can't wait to have another driver around here!


This is really making me feel OLD!!!

We made it --- safe and sound!

Monday, November 12, 2012

November Family Birthday's

November Birthday's!

Yes, BOTH birthday people are from our house.

Elizabeth is 8
Matt is ...... getting old :0

This year we have a tradition with the birthday hat.  My mom bought it and she holds on to it throughout the year.  The kids can't wait for her to bring it on their special day.  The adults -- well, we humor the kids!

This birthday celebration was large.  We decided to have both sides of the family over for one BIG party.  So, Sunday dinner was
14 kids -- ages 3 months to 15
15 adults

Matt picked the menu this time.

Homemade pork barbecue sandwiches.  They were delicious!
Green bean casserole from Aunt Kim, cheesy potatoes from Aunt Sara, fresh fruit and dip from Aunt Audrey, homemade coleslaw from my mom , chips and dip Lauren and sweet corn from Aunt Kim.
YES -- EVERYONE helps out with a big dinner!
We also made a yummy punch for everyone -- yes, even added sherbet.  
The kids were lovin it!

After dinner all the kids played while we cleaned up.  NO FIGHTS!!!  Wow!  It was great!

Next, open presents! 
Elizabeth LOVES presents -- but who doesn't!

MONEY!  She's likin that!  Yes, all the cousins sit around and watch and help out.  They are great.

Elizabeth and her Hello Kitty obsession!
She also got lined Hello Kitty crocs -- she thinks they are GREAT!

She got a doll carrier -- it can be carried on her back and the straps are adjustable.  WHICH is amazing that they go small enough for her!
Noise makers -- She's learning how to do it right -- She's giving pa a good laugh!

Daddy and Elizabeth sharing the special day.  Daddy's birthday is one day after Elizabeth's.
Elizabeth and her cupcakes.
Daddy with cheesecake bars made by MD!

Blowing out the candles.  LOVE daddy's -- I only had one 4 -- so I added 4 - ONE candles to make his age.

Getting daddy to pose with the birthday hat.  Elizabeth thought it was so funny.

Elizabeth enjoying homemade ice cream with all the yummy toppings that Farmer Nanny brought.

It was such a fun afternoon.  All the kids AND uncle Josh went outside to play.  The day was beautiful - It was GREAT that all the kids could play outside together before the great winter arrives.  
it was great that everyone could come and help us celebrate Elizabeth's first birthday as