Our Church

     We are blessed to be able to be members at an awesome church where the word of God  is preached.  Our family is very involved in the church.  We believe a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is vital.   We believe it is  important to continue to grow in our relationship with Jesus Christ and being part of a bible believing church is integral.  Christ loves the church so since He thinks HIS church is important so do we.

     Matt serves as a deacon  at our church and I serve on the Ladies Ministry Team.  We have led a connect ten and hosted many activities.  I LOVE leading ladies bible studies -- the most recent being a Beth Moore study on the Fruits of the Spirit.  I also love the mother/daughter bible study series we did in the fall.  I love seeing relationships being built with Christ at the center.

     MD is involved in the High School Youth Group.  Our youth center was built a few years back and is a awesome 'hang-out' for area teens.  The coffee house and game room are great.  MD has been involved in past ministry trips as well as attending Lake Ann Summer Camp.  This summer he plans on going on a ministry trip with our youth group to New York to host a soccer camp for primary age children.

     JM, My Darling and BaJabs are all involved with Awana and other children ministries at the church.  They love the seasonal group parties!  A large part of the ministry is instilling a love of worship and embedding God's word in their hearts.

     We have wonderful friends that we have met through our church.  If you are looking for a church to visit in our area or for a new church home -- check SRBC out.  It has an awesome facility, great events, friendly people BUT most importantly a place to learn and grow closer to God.