Sunday, July 28, 2013

Fishing and Good-byes

Bright and early on this COLD Sunday morning -- 4:30 am -- Matt and the boys went out on Lake Michigan with Doug -- the dad of the YueYang family that hosted the reunion.  He has a nice size boat and goes out all the time.

I started praying that they would have have a great time, be safe AND catch fish!

I started getting texts a few hours later -- 

They were so excited!

It is so much fun to fish when they are biting.

Each of the boys were able to catch some.

Daddy, did reel in the smallest one :)  Thankfully, it was NOT his only catch!

This is one of MD's favorite things to do --  What at GREAT smile!

MD got the biggest! Exciting!
Yep, 16 pounds!

JM also got a big one.  

He did need some help knowing exactly what to do -- but he LOVED it.  

His big one came with a BIG story.  Ask the guys about it -- of course they would LOVE to tell it!!!

The final count -- 8 fish -- all filleted up = 22 pounds of meat!

When I got up I started getting things ready to leave AND had to go and pick up My Darling from her first sleepover.

Yes, she made it all night!

She had a blast!!

She did end up being the first to fall asleep at about midnight.  Some of the girls did not go to sleep until after 1 am.  Of course, there were many zombie girls when I showed up!  Thankfully, My Darling was NOT one of them BUT she was tired!

This was within 10 minutes of being in the car!

There was lots of packing to do since the boys were all gone fishing .


All the good-byes to say.  Which is the hardest.  The YueYang girls were all saying that this time was TOO short!  


A WHOLE year is TOO long!

The boys arrived back in time for us to be the last family to leave :)

Our return trip included:

Sleeping children

Yummy food!


And more traffic .......


MORE sleeping

A very tired daddy!

(and yes, a little bickering between the kids -- they are surely NOT perfect ;))


We had an AMAZING week together!
We realize this is so rare at this time of the year for our family and are so thankful this time opened up for us!!!

Each of the kids had favorites -- all were happy to get home, though.
When I was putting the girls to bed -- My Darling was telling me that she had such a good time.  BaJabs told me, "Boy mom, we have been spoiled!"  They were spoiled WITH lots and lots of family time and LOVE.  Yep, they get so much on a daily basis BUT to have mommy and daddy together all day for 7 days -- well, that was being spoiled to her! 
JM, thanked us for taking a vacation because it was great to do fun things together!  I LOVE hearing their take on what we did. 



Woller Sweet Corn will be starting up ----


Tomorrow's dinner:

Sweet Corn
hmmm......  I will have to think of something LOWFAT for dessert!

So glad to be home!
Yes, I have almost all laundry done and suitcases cleaned out .... just a few odds and ends to put away!
  NOW to take on the week that is -- of course -- full!

Day #2 with our YueYang family!

Day #2

YES --- COOL weather, again!!!!

Thankfully, I brought jeans and sweatshirts.


Let me tell you -- this weather was NOT going to hamper our FUN!!!

We headed to a great park/reserve next to Lake Michigan.  It had some great trails with lots of steps!

We took ---

We were able to get some WONDERFUL pictures.

 Girlies! YueYang sisters PLUS most siblings.

ALL the kids here this weekend.


So handsome!

The kids had a GREAT time by the water --

 Everyone was looking for rocks for an art project later in the day.

This is LOTS of clay that he found -- he's still a kid -- just a big one ;)

It was relaxing and a fun time for the kids -- 

Unfortunately, when we returned to the main parking lot we were missing ONE little girl -- not from the our family BUT from our group.  OH, MY, GOODNESS!!!  It was about a 5-10 minute scare and seconds away from 911.  BUT she was found!!!  HYSTERICAL -- BUT found!!!  Lots of mommies with tears!  
She ran ahead to the front group and took a wrong turn and when she realized what she did she doubled back and missed the slow group.
Thankfully, it all ended well!!

After lunch we all headed out to Doug and Amy's (the host of this reunion)
They so graciously planned a fun afternoon and barbecue at their home.


Wow, the fun these girls had ...................


All of the pictures!!!

 Dressed casual -- each their OWN way!

 All in their SPECIAL Reunion shirts!

 Of course, you have to do a HIGH kicking picture ;)

 Another pose!

 YES, they are a sassy bunch!

FINALLY, the jump!

AND the

Hanging out


Singing/acting together AND putting on a small show for the parents!



A barbecue +++++++++



PAUSE ----

I did have to have My Darling ---
TAKE -- A -- Deep -- Breathe -- AND -- SLOW -- DOWN!!!

She was having soooooooo much fun!!!

Balloon release



For s'mores --- OF COURSE!


Yes, a sleepover!
My Darlings very FIRST time sleeping over at a friend's!  Yep, BEYOND excited!

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!!!  What a day!

On top of it -- NO FIGHTING!!!
Hmmmmm............ it's like long lost sisters all found each other.

It's actually, kinda emotional.  All of the girls spent the first 9-12 months of their lives together in a small orphanage room in China.  They all get adopted from DIFFERENT families that are scattered all over the USA!! AND thankfully, for their sake (and because of our special bonds) we get together once a year to encourage and help them STAY close.  The families take turns hosting the reunion all over the USA.

Yes, the decision was made where NEXT year's is .........


Boys -- are in bed early for a VERY early morning fishing trip ....... if the weather cooperates.


Finally, the good-byes :(