Saturday, May 31, 2014

The end of baseball season

The end of baseball has arrived for the Montague Wildcats

MD plays Left/Center or Right field

This has been an interesting season.

They started the year a bit slow.  

They finished the regular season much stronger -- 


District game just did not go their way.
MCC played a better game --

The team after the last game.

MD will play again next year.
This was a growing and relearn the techniques kind of year for him 
AS he had not played in three years.

He did get some playing time and greatly improved his batting skills.  He hopes to be back in full playing condition for next year.

Working on improving his batting skills!

There was a nice end of the season dinner with awards.  MD received the Conference Academic Award and the District Academic Award. 

Way to go MD -- he has a 3.97 grade point even while playing sports! 

Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend

This weekend was nice.

A beautiful weekend to remember and be thankful for all that was done so that we can live in a free country!  Thank-you to all that have and continue to serve and protect our country.

It was also a beautiful weekend to just be together and get some stuff done!
The kids and I did some work around the yard.
I finally can admit -- I really don't like outside manual labor. 
I LOVE the way the flower gardens look and I would LOVE to have a gorgeous plush yard!
Well, I just don't like doing it!

I've tried --- yes, tried to enjoy doing.  I thought I would just keep giving it another chance and the hard work would be enjoyable because of the pay-off.  


I'm more of a creative type --- sew, read, design, write.

YES -- I know things have to be done -- but I'm no longer going to force myself to make a hobby out of something I just don't enjoy doing!!!

ENOUGH of that!!!

Matt and MD worked long hours on the farm.  Farming does NOT take a vacation or holiday.  This is crazy busy time -- and you just have to roll with it.  Asparagus is growing, crops need to be planted and animals fed.  In this kind of weather -- well, it is just crazy!

We all enjoyed a nice bonfire at Aunt A. and Uncle M. with lots of friends.

Hotdogs and s'mores on the fire are just YUMMY!

 Elizabeth enjoying her s'more -- she had 3!!!

MD with a GORGEOUS face, eating his s'more.

BaJabs is soooo happy!

We finished the weekend with the first swim of summer in Aunt A. and Uncle M's pool!

They are so excited -- they think it is cold -- 80 degrees!
Yes, the kids were so excited. 

Having a nice long weekend is kind of a tease to summer break.  
The kids (well, and mommy, too) are really excited for vacation to start --
the count down has begun! 

The look on our deck during the summer!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Our Whiz Kid!

Congratulations JM!

2nd year as a Whiz Kid!

In order to receive this academic award you must maintain a B average for the entire year.  Well, he has an A average!  


This is a special night for academics --

They have a guest speaker to motivate students to keep up the good work --
Students AND parents go a receive the award as it takes a partnership for students to achieve --
Great teachers, supportive parents AND a hard working student

The night is concluded with an ice-cream social 
Unfortunately, our JM cannot have dairy so we take a detour to Twisters for a slushie!

Monday, May 19, 2014

My Darling's Violin Recital

My Darling's Spring Violin Recital

My Darling has been taking lessons for 2 full years now.
She loves it!!!

I love the way she has lessons --

2 weeks of private lessons
1 week group lessons -- with everyone learning to play TOGETHER and watch the conductor.
AND then of course -- repeat!

The full group!

This year she made LOTS of progress!!
She loves to play by ear BUT has learned to easily read music

I thought you may enjoy listening to her solo.  She did such a great job!  Sorry the sound quality is not perfect it is from my phone!  
Oh, and YES she played it completely from memory!!

Lastly, she is so excited she FINALLY grew --- she gets to go up in violin size AND quality.  Her new violin is BEAUTIFUL in sight and sound!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Girls on the Run

My Darling's first 5K run

I love that she was willing to try something brand new!
My Darling is not big about sports -- BUT she decided to try out 
Girls on the Run

Twice a week for 1 1/2 hours after school since March the girl's met in teams to talk about GIRL POWER, run and train for the big day.

Well, Saturday May 16 all the schools in the county that participated gathered at Heritage Landing in Muskegon to run. 

I think My Darling was a bit nervous 
also so excited!!!

We met our group --

All the girls sign each other shirts 

My Darling with her cousin M.

We got an ALL Montague group shot -- AMAZING how many girls in our small school participated!

WOW! -- My Darling is by the 'T' in Montague.


This is My Darling's running small group!


The cousin's with Aunt Sara -- the organizer at Montague for Girls on the Run

They all get called to the line ........

And they are off!
ALL 1200 girls -- along with many adults!

She did an AMAZING JOB!
She ran with her cousin the entire time.

Go My Darling and M.  YOU ARE ALMOST DONE!!!

They ran the race in about 24 minutes.  

Just crossed the finished line and got her bag and a banana!

Really, this was a GREAT event!!!
She thinks she might actually like running, now!

We finished our morning by having a nice breakfast together.

Hot Chocolate -- on a cold morning!

Yes, she ate ALL of it!

Totally, loved having this special time with My Darling!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

My Mom!

I was asked to be part of the Mother's Day service at our church.
9 women each picked 1 biblical principal their moms taught them and had to give a 2-3 minute 'speech' in front of the congregation.  

Ok -- well, I'm a language arts teacher -- I can DO THIS!!!
The writing part came easy!!

The talking up front .....
I don't talk in front of 600 people when I'm teaching.
I was surprised how nervous I was when I stepped up front!


I did it!

Here is what I said:

Take your vitamins, be kind to others, use your manners, always do your best and spend time with the Lord in prayer are some the the daily things my taught me since I was young.  Although after almost 23 years of marriage I look back and am thankful for what my mom taught me about being a Godly married woman.

You see my dad was not a Christian when I was a child - he got saved a few years after I was married.  My mom was blessed with being a very strong woman.  Yes, she could take charge and get things done and sometimes even be a bit loud about it.  BUT she learned and showed that she could not change dad -- that was God's job.  God required her to be a Godly wife and mom NOT make dad BE something for her.

When I got married at 18 to a wonderful Christian man, I thought things would be just fine because my husband and I both loved God.  We were madly in love AND still are -- Although, in the first few years we endured Matt having an intense farm accident, finishing my teaching degree, getting used to being a FARM wife (lots of long hour days) and my sudden onset of Type I diabetes.  To say the least- there was some stress.  I remember calling my mom often and just wanting to complain because I NEEDED more from my husband.  Yes, I still loved him and KNEW he loved me BUT you know, life was happening.  EVERY SINGLE TIME she would refocus me on what God wanted of me.  She would say, 'Go to God, He will fill you needs.'  She would remind me of the principles in Proverbs 31:12; A wife will do her husband good and not evil all the days of her life.  She would remind me to DO GOOD to Matt and pray for God to change me into what HE wanted me to be.

Well --- you are probably wondering?  How did I take that? ........Well, not too well at first.  Really, I would get off the phone and not be all too happy with her.

Thankfully, my mom took Titus 2:4 to heart -- Teach younger women to love their husband.  First, my mom continually loved my dad selflessly.  I love that my parents are still in love and love God - together now.  Second, she would remind me of the important roll God gave me in being a wife and mom.  Finally, I realized God was working on ME!  I am a child of the King and have a responsibility to be a Godly woman and wife.  We talked and discussed the importance of being a Proverbs 31 woman often.

Yes, praying, serving and loving my husband is so important BUT changing him is NOT my job.  God is perfect at what HE does.  So, let Him do His job.

I'm thankful my mom taught me by words and actions that God wants ME to be a Godly woman AND to allow God to be God -- He will do the changing that is needed in each individual.  Thankfully, He is still working on ME little my little every day.

I have a GREAT mom!!!
This is ONE of the many things she has taught me --
And I'm so thankful for her!

Do we ALWAYS see eye to eye --- DUH, NO!!!
We respect each other and are ok about each other being different.

We have a good time together -- she goes to doctor's appointments for the girls with me, we shop once in a while together, go to the beach or just hang out at each others house.  Yep, I know she loves being with the grandkids BUT that is ok with me!  We talk OFTEN and many times is willing to lend a helping hand with our crazy schedule!  I KNOW she prays for me and my family EVERY DAY!  I also KNOW that if I ask her to pray ..... she will! WOW!!! I love that!

Happy Mother's Day!
May God heap many blessings upon you!