Sunday, January 27, 2013


JM and My Darling Singing!!!

JM was scheduled to sing Sunday night at church.

It was decided the week before that My Darling would join him.

LOTS of practice and a change of track the day off -- 

AND they did it!!!

They sang ---
If We Are The Body by Casting Crowns.

They did a nice job.
Hopefully, I can figure out SOON how to upload the youtube video.

Friday, January 25, 2013


3 Girls
ALL need a trim!

Come home all curled up!!!

Thank-you Patty!  You did WAY more than we called for!
Cuts, dryer and stylin dues!

The girls felt like princesses!!!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

BaJabs #3 Gotcha day

3 Years ago!!
It's been 3 years since this precious child became a Woller!

Look at that first day:

She was sooo scared!  It was HARD day!!


BaJabs is growing to a BEAUTIFUL and SMART little girl!

She has had many challenges.  Her original paperwork was soooo vague.  When we picked her up that freezing, snowy and LONG day her medical needs were much more than we anticipated.

The trip was challenging -- 20 days in China shortly after Matt's fathers death.  Both Matt and I had been very ill in the late fall as well AND we were just plain tired! 

BUT it gave us LOTS of time in our hotel room to bond and play!
Yep, she was great in the room --

HATED daddy as soon as we walked out of the room!

She was really TICKED about meeting the kids!
BUT so quickly warmed up to them!

DR. appointments, surgery, new legs, school and so much more!

Her amputation in May 2010 -- just 4 1/2 months after we got her.

Her first leg -- Aug. 2010 -- cow print :)  

WOW!!! 3 years!

This year has been a big growing year for Bajabs.
She is blossoming at school.
She is reading up a storm and writing short stories!
She is making LOTS of friends at her new school!
She LOVES her teacher -- Mrs. P.
She is a bit quieter than the other 2 girls BUT surely throws her weight :)

Yep, she still has some physical challenges -- BUT most can't even see them!
We LOVE and adore this precious child
continually thank God HE picked our family for her!!!

We make a BIG deal about the 'Gotcha Days!'  

We make an authentic Chinese meal and invite family!

 She received 2 gifts -- both bought in China for just this special day.
A glass bottle -- painted on the inside -- with a dog on it -- her sign on the zodiac --- and her name - both American and Chinese with her gotcha day date.

AND a puzzle of China -- she is pointing to where she is from. 

Finally, we have a yummy dessert.
This is NOT a Chinese dessert BUT it was YUMMY!

Thank-you Lord for this precious girl!

Thursday, January 17, 2013



Yes, it is beautiful!!!

Snow makes everything LOOK clean and fresh!



YES, I'm trying to convince myself it is good!!!

I do not like snow --- except for it's beauty OR for SNOWDAYS!!!!

It is COLD --

On the other hand most of my children don't mind it.
They like to play outside in it!

The boys like to ski -- 
But My Darling HATES having to wear all the clothes.


We live where we live and snow is part of our life.


I leave with the fact that it is beautiful .......


Thankfulness that we will probably have a snowday :)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy Birthday -- My Darling -- Oh my, 8

Can you believe it???
My Darling is 8!!!

I can barely believe it --
She's just growing up so fast!!!

Beautiful --
Happy --
Smart and Talented --
FULL of compassion!
Bossy with some spunk --
Oh, and ATT-I-TUDE!!!!

She is certainly developing into a young lady.  She loves to read, write, draw -- a bit of a perfectionist at times when it comes to academics :), music, violin and playing with her American Girl dolls.  She is a great helper and encourager around the house.  She is the best sister!  She has style -- picky about it -- but it's her!  She notices when someone needs a hug; leaves the sweetest notes around; has so much compassion for others; prays for others AND makes us laugh every day! 

All Birthdays are a big deal in our home.

It is their SPECIAL day :)

My Darling actually had 2 family parties this year :)
The 'WOLLER' family party a few days ago --

We all get together for dinner -- I LOVE that we all help with this.
We did a taco bar, fruit, dips and dessert.

My Darling shares her birthday with her younger cousin C.  He turned 5 -- 9 days before My Darling turned 8. 

I LOVE this picture of the cousins all watching. 

 The attack of the wrapping paper started ---

 Everyone ganged up Uncle J and Aunt S!!!
It is so special that our 4 families have such a good time together.  
ALL the kids get along and just plain have FUN!!!

Dessert -- yummy cupcakes, cake 
of course, the tradition
HOMEMADE ICE CREAM with homemade hot fudge!

My Darling also gets a family party ON her birthday --
my parents, my brother and Lauren's family join us.

Of course, we had to do her hair -- pretty!
Oh, and her nails, too ;)

 TRADITIONS --- 'the birthday hat'

My Darling got to pick the menu --
taco salad, chips, mango salsa, regular salsa, guacamole AND strawberries.
We did add a spinach/artichoke dip with crackers that was YUMMY!
YES, everything GLUTEN FREE!!!
 Her dinner!

 Gift time!

 Yes, she is sooooo excited!  She really wanted a Kindle Fire -- 
she got it :)
Yes, she is a HUGE reader.  She looked RIGHT at her dad when she opened this -- she really couldn't believe that we got it for her.

 She always takes her time and reads all the cards -- aloud!

 Yes, can you see the attitude ;)

 She wanted cupcakes --
LOVE the snowmen!
We again had homemade ice cream BUT with homemade caramel this time.


Thank-you Lord for this little girl!
We are blessed that you picked her for our family!
We pray that she brings GLORY to God in ALL she does.  We pray for good health, heaps of blessings and good choices in the year ahead!