Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Everyone seems to be waiting


wondering about 


The boys have mowed the fields


they have been working on the machines/pickers


they have contacted the workers.


We are now waiting on the weather!!!!


Yes, we know people want it ....
Yes, people are calling ...



It has not popped up ----- YET!!!


The weather looks promising for the next week



it will be soon

BUT ..... then again ......

it might not be!

I will certainly let you know as soon as I have the first handful ;)
I LOVE those bragging rights -- MOM!!!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

A day of rest :)


Church --- Oh, how I LOVE our place of worship!

Our beautiful girlies in their Sunday clothes :)

LUNCH .... 
spicey, GARLIC, beef and broccoli


the GARLIC was only suppose to be light --
BUT since I can usually make this in my dreams I just took the BIG container of garlic off of the shelf and sprinkled -- 
WELL, I opened the BIG side and I put TWO BIG DUMPS IN.
equaled about 1 cup!!!

In case you are wondering -- 
it tasted delicious
BUT oh, the smell --
both while cooking and later ;)

Our Direct TV is finally getting fixed -- after 6 days --
found out it was poorly installed, BY THEM!
Yes, the man was at our house for 2 hours.

JM to the last baseball practice -- games start this week.

Girls -- MUST ride their bikes!!!!

MD to youth group leader meeting -- yes, he has to bring the main dish for dinner.
So, we made LOTS of yummy sloppy joes.

ME -- to work/school.  There is no reason to go all the way back home after I dropped MD off at church -- so, more grading for me ;)

Back for the night service ---
Did I tell you????
I LOVE my church family and place of worship!

MD to ministry trip practice.

JM to youth group fun night -- 
a surprise swimming party at a local hotel.

ME -- back to school to wait for JM and his friend.
Yep, I'm using my time wisely -- ALL LESSON PLANS DONE 
EVERYTHING graded!!!

Home -- ALL kids in bed -- eat -- 


Yep, our septic backed up this weekend -- it's fixed!!! THANKFULLY!!!
The toilet in the master bathroom -- well, something happened with the seal.
So, some of the floor is ruined - YIKES!  
Matt is working on that -- the flooring that is ruined is torn up, sub-floor scrubbed and bleached -- BUT NO, it is not done!
Some decisions need to be made -- I don't like that :(
Thank-you LORD we have more than one bathroom!!!


In case you are wondering .......


I asked the girls to give me a 'SASSY' look and this is what our dear Elizabeth started doing .....
 TYPICAL -- goofy Elizabeth, giggling BaJabs and poised My Darling!

 I LOVE this one :)

YOU have blessed me!

Saturday, April 27, 2013


Well, BaJabs got a bike for her birthday
My Darling and Elizabeth do NOT have bikes.

So, both girls decided to save -- use birthday money to get a bike and helmet.

Elizabeth was a hoot --
She tried out a bike in the store and just took right off --
NO, she does not know what she is doing.

Elizabeth was pretty quick -- yes, she has to have training wheels and probably will for a bit.
She has difficulty with short arms and NO strength in her hands
Oh, and a fake leg :)

My Darling was able to get a bigger bike with NO training wheels.

The helmets took a bit longer to pick out.  Yes, they wanted to make sure they looked good!!
They are soooo girlie!

They were sooooo happy and excited to buy these on their own.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Precious Memories

Crazy Weekend!

BOTH boys are gone with the youth group.
JM is at BELIEVE -- a junior high youth conference in Holland, Michigan.
MD is at ACQUIRE THE FIRE -- a high school youth even in Lansing, Michigan. 

My mom graciously offered to take the girls after school on Friday --
and keep them until bedtime'ish' 
they would bring them home!!!

So, I was able to stay and gets LOTS done at school --
Get home and go out to dinner with Matt --
We ate WAY too much Chinese food ;)

The girls went to McDonalds' --
that is a BIG deal as we RARELY go there!

Well, my dad let them get whatever they wanted.
they ate like pigs!

All 3 girls ate Happy Meals --
Elizabeth and BaJabs had an EXTRA order of fries AND a malt!

When we all got home.....
Well, we were stuffed!

So, we decided to go for a walk.
It was a beautiful night.

Oh, the things they talk about.
It was just fun!
Throwing sticks in the creek, looking for steel head, gorilla walking, jokes and laughing!

We even found a turkey print that matched Elizabeth's hand -- 

Oh, I love these kind of evenings!!
The joys of spring!!!!
Thank-you, LORD!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The girls are invited to be teachers

Elizabeth and BaJabs' were invited to come to a physical therapy clinic class at Grand Valley State University to be teachers in a clinic for final year physical therapists students.

The professor, a wonderful lady we met at clinic right after Elizabeth came home, contacted me 2 months ago to do this.  Yes, the girls were even paid -- that was a pleasant surprise.

The day of the event started out BEAUTIFUL.
right when we were suppose to leave for GR it started to rain --
NOT just rain BUT 
DOWNPOUR ....... Yes, so hard you can't see!
Traffic slowed to about 40 miles per hour for about 20 miles.

Thankfully, when were finally arrived a young lady was waiting for us 
the girls had a marvelous time teaching 3 young ladies.

My Darling came along to help out -- but had soooo much fun in the process.
Elizabeth was EXTREMELY shy to start off

in the end showed off her silliness.

It was so much fun

refreshing as a mom to watch....

The girls showed what they could do and did lots of fun therapy 'stuff!'
WHILE they taught the students.

At the end
BOTH girls willingly showed off their legs and stubs.
They showed the ladies how they take care of their legs and what they do.
At the very end while putting her leg on, BaJabs says,
"I can do whatever anyone else can ... BUT you know...
I have to do it a tad different."
OH, MY!!!
This girl is making so much progress -- she is so comfortable with her disability.
The ladies jaw dropped.  A 7 year old really just said that! 
I loved the response ---
"YES, you can -- and you do it AMAZINGLY!"

We went out for a fun dinner ---
These girls EAT.....

We prayed we would have a better ride home ---
"Please LORD, let the rain relax and keep us safe."

Well, HE answered immediately.  We got in the van and it was sprinkling but by the time we were 10 miles down the highway it STOPPED!!

REALLY!!! Oh, what a nice ride home.
We even had a little time to stop and get some new shorts.
PRAYING now for some spring weather :)

Sunday, April 7, 2013

2013 Spring Break in Review :)

This was an unusual Spring Break for me.
Yep, I was SICK!

Not just, "oh, I'm not feeling so hot today."
"I don't think I can move or function --- today!"

Sometimes the LORD does things that we just don't like.  BUT we KNOW it is for our own good.
Well, HE slapped me up a bit ;)

Thankfully, the kids were extremely understanding.  
Actually, I think they enjoyed doing NOTHING -- 

The girls (and JM) played a lot with Legos;
put MANY puzzles together and the girls played dolls -- LOTS

ALL in pj's :)

The boys did work a bit at the farm, a bit.

We did get a few projects done -- 
garage cleaned out, a couple closets and some paper catch-up.

I was able to get moving enough to go with the boys to GR.  
Matt and I took the boys to Cabela's with a small detour to Dick's for a new baseball mitt and out to dinner.
We  had a great time -- but boy, was I exhausted afterwards.

The girls and I took a trip to GR for Bajabs' new leg with a little shopping and lunch.  
again, I was exhausted.

All in all I really needed a SLOWER week.  
We were going to go to Chicago -- but without Bajabs having a leg and a sick mommy ---
well, you know -- 
that would of equaled -- 
NO FUN !!!

This year my job has been challenging - for MANY reasons - 
and ALL out of my control.
Which is hard for me -- as I LOVE control :)

Yep, the LORD was teaching me this week......
"SLOW down when given the time to be slow.
You will need this time to relax so you can continue what needs to be done later."

I TRIED to listen ....
BUT was MADE to listen ;)

Pray that I can finish the school year -- STRONG!
Strong in many ways 
BUT especially in mind, attitude and my testimony.

Thank-you LORD for a week of lazy days!

Friday, April 5, 2013

FINALLY, Bajab's new leg

The day has arrived --
BaJab's is getting a leg!!!

 the day did NOT go as planned --

My mom, all three girls and I left bright and early for Grand Rapids. 
We had a beautiful day!

When we arrived -- Mr. Mark had everything ready -

It was already fired and PRETTY!!!!


Usually, we come in the morning --
Do a final fitting and THEN he fires it and makes it pretty and we come back in the afternoon to pick it up.

She tried it on --
Yep, there was some adjustments....

 Mr. Mark helping with the insert and socks.

The first time the leg going ON!

How many socks, moving the pressure around and grinding some 

 MEASURING -- making sure the hips are level.

 The first walk -- notice the foot is not positioned perfectly -- YET.

My Darling and Elizabeth -- watching.
We did have Elizabeth's leg looked at as well.  She needs a BIGGER foot and a longer leg.
Oh, probably that will start in a month or 2 :)

Practicing walking again!!  My Darling was so excited for BaJab's.  She loved walking the halls with her :)
Oh, and notice --- better foot placement!

after just 1 1/2 hours we were DONE and the leg fit.

 We are happy :)  The leg is beautiful 
No worries there is a matching outfit coming soon!
Sickness was hard on momma this week!

 Showing the set-up -- 
She has to wear a sleeve this time for better support.
Our goal is to use a pin set-up but that is impossible after the surgery.  So, for now this will work.
So, 2 socks, the padded insert, the leg and finally the sleeve.

BaJab's still has some pain -- and she will gradually spend more time in the leg.  
Her stub needs to tough'en up!

My mom cuddling Abby after some of her walking.  Her leg was a tad sore.
ALTHOUGH -- she did not take it off until we got home --
Yep, she still used her scooter at the mall.

SO ---

With the appointment completed ---- EARLY
We headed to the gluten-free bakery 
Finally, off to the mall.

Yes, my girls LIKE to shop.
We found some AWESOME deals on some fun spring items.
Amazingly, the girls needed a few things.
We had a yummy lunch at Panera's -- this is almost always the pick from all three girls.

Final stop for mom and I --- Teavana 
WONDERFUL cup of Jasmine tea -- reminds me of China --

A GREAT productive day ---
I had wonderful time with the girls AND with my mom.  We rarely have that much time together -- and it was nice.  The girls were SOOOO good.  We got everything on our list AND we surprised the boys and picked up BERNIOS pizza on the way home. 
The most unbelievable is that we were home BEFORE 5!!!

BaJab's will have at least one more appointment and maybe two for some adjustments --
We are really praying for complete healing in her stub -- SOON.

Monday, April 1, 2013


Happy EASTER!!!

Praise God 

2013 Easter morning picture 

Easter is such a special time for me.  
This holiday is a time for me to remember what Christ did for ME ---

His son DIED for me
and ROSE from the DEAD on the 3rd day --- EASTER morning!

I am amazed and humbled!

So, with that being said -- I really don't like doing the 'egg' thing :(
I'm sorry -- I'm a party pooper!!!
Yes, I still did it because the kids love it!
I got it ready and Matt colored eggs with the kids.
(REALLY, I'm sick -- so, it was an easy out ;))

 Egg coloring time :)

 JM helping and MD --- yep, texting ;)

My crazy daughter who LOVES vinegar -- yes, Elizabeth tried it -- she spit it out FAST!

We attended church in the morning.
The worship service was amazing, the drama with all of the disciples was great and the sermon was spot on!
EVEN though I had to sit out back and listen because of my coughing -- it was still a special time.

When we got home -- we did the 'HUNT!'

They girls get sooooo excited --

22 REAL eggs and 8 plastic eggs -- 
7 with $1 and 1 with $5.

EVERYONE gets to find 6 eggs.

Daddy Easter Bunny did play a trick on them -- well, it really fell on JM.
 Yes, there is an egg hiding somewhere -- close!

 We had to 'hot and cold' it for JM to find it ;)

That tricky daddy!

EVERYONE has their OWN basket.

 My Darling!



No worries -- the boys had baskets, too!  MD had an I.O.U. as part of his did not arrive, yet!  YIKES!!!  AND they are not as into pictures as the girls ;)


AND then we are off to my mom and dad's for dinner.
We had a GREAT meal and a fun, relaxing time with family.

Daddy and Elizabeth enjoying some cuddling on Nanny's couch!

 MD -- yes, I caught him texting --- AGAIN!!!  But I wasn't fast enough to snap the picture!

I caught My Darling sneaking some more of Nanny's yummy cake!  AND yes, it was gluten-free.  DELICIOUS!

Finally, back home to watch the basketball games!

Most of the family finished off the night with a spring concert at church.
It really was a great day celebrating the 
Resurrection of my KING!