Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween -- I'm back -- I think :)

Happy Halloween!

The girls were so excited this year!
Each of them picked out what the wanted to dress-up as --- EARLY!  Yes, that is very unusual for this family.

My Darling -- Merida the new princess from the Disney movie Brave
BaJabs -- Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz
Elizabeth -- a PEACOCK!  Yes, she asked for this!  (They eat peacocks in China -- YIKES!)

Elizabeth was so excited that this was her very first Halloween -- AND she reminded me of this MANY times.  AND that she got to wear 'dress-up' clothes to school -- ALL DAY!!!

My Darling -- yes, an Asian red-head.  Adorable!

BaJabs -- well, we had a near meltdown in the morning.  We both thought there were red sparkle shoes in the box.  I KNOW we had a pair from My Darling.  AND you guessed right ...... they were gone!  She did NOT like the red (bear feet brand -- super expensive) shoes we already wear for church!  She said they were just toooooo small.  Thankfully, at the last minute (well, past the last minute since it made me late for work) I remember that I bought red converse shoes in China.  She LOVED them.  And I thought she looked great!

The girls got to wear their costumes to school -- all day!  All three did fun activity throughout the day.  Other Nanny came and helped in BaJab's room AND then brought the girls home after school (and daddy brought the girls to school --- yes, they hate the bus!)

In the early evening JM and daddy joined us and went trick-or-treating around the neighborhood and then up to Other Nanny's.  MD decided to go with his friends.  

It was such a beautiful evening -- after the crummy - rainy day!

Our first stop -- Farmer Nanny!  Elizabeth was thrilled with all the goodies.  She informed me as soon as I got home from work -- "Mom, there were LOTS of snacks at school today.  My belly is too big now!"
I responded, "So, you ate lots?"
"ummmmmm ....... YES!"

We were able to visit many of our neighbors -- which is a bit of driving since we live out in the country :)

BUT we also went into town to visit my grandma.  She LOVES to see the kids.

Next, we headed out to my mom and dads (other nanny and pa.)

My mom so graciously offered to make dinner and have it ready for us when we arrived.  WONDERFUL!!!  
AND it tasted great!  

She gave the kids some fun stuff!  Each of the girls got a new stuff animal.

BaJab's was LOVING hers!

The girls also got these fun sucker lips!  


Finally, she got JM some fun mustaches.  BUT the girls LOVED them!!!  Especially, Elizabeth.  I really have some goofs!

LOVE -- she is so full of personality!

Again -- this is so my kids!

They are TRYING to be serious!

AND trying to be goofy!

MD arrived home 2 minutes after us.  He had a great time as well.  ALTHOUGH -- this mommy would of rather MD stay with us -- BUT he is growing up!  Oh, he was a corn cob -- BUT I forgot to take a picture.

The kids went to bed VERY tired -- but all agreeing it was an AWESOME night!

Now -- I know I have been gone for a bit!  I will update soon on the whys -- BUT trust me -- I'm trying!  Life has been crazy -- BUT I do have some awesome pictures and stories to update with SOON!

Monday, October 15, 2012

October Fun

A fun fall weekend!!!

Since the kids have all moved to a new school -- they are ALL Wildcats.  So, the girls were sporting some new shirts on Friday for the home football game.  My Darling and Elizabeth have fun on Friday afternoons because they have 'Football Buddies.'  This is a great time where the varsity football team comes and reads with the 2nd grade class.  Each child has their own football buddy!!! 

 The weekend continued with some fun time outside with dad!
Elizabeth was so excited to have help climbing to the top of the play set.  

 Yes, our set is HIGH!!  AND Elizabeth's arms/hands are weak.  So, she needs ADULT help!  

 We had a nice fall delivery.  Thanks to Aunt Audrey and family!  We came home to these wonderful pumpkins!

 All three girls carrying the big pumpkin.
Love the faces!!  AND yes, Elizabeth almost ALWAYS has this smile.

 JM balancing the BIG one on his head.
It takes LOTS of concentration.

 Elizabeth TRYING!

 BaJabs balancing the little one on her head -- 

 Finished the weekend with a great time of praise and worship at church.  We just had to snap a couple pictures of the girls when we got home!

Thank-you Lord for my family!!