Tuesday, June 16, 2015

AND she's off ......

Well -- the time has come to an end --

Hanna Mun finished her exchange time in the USA and needs to head back to Korea.

The girls had a hard time saying good-bye!!!
They all grew very close during the year -- My Darling helped her lots with her language and the other two just loved doing anything with her!

Hanna M. and I mailed 50 lbs. of 'stuff' back through the USPS so she only had 2 regular sized suitcases to carry back.

She is all ready!!!!

Just Hanna and I went to the airport as everyone else was booked for the day!!!

This is definately a bittersweet time for her as she loves the U.S. but really misses her family!  I KNOW they are ready to have her home.  

This was a good experience for our family.  There we some great times AND some not so great times.  Some of the experience was exactly what we expected and some was NOT at all what we expected!
all is all it was ok for all involved --- YES, we would do this again :)

IF anyone ever has questions about hosting a student PLEASE do not hesitate to aske me.  There is great programs to work through and in our area there is an AWESOME representive to help.