Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Funky Hair Night

Funky Hair Night!!!

We have some CRAZY girlies!!

Our church has AWANA.  The girls attend and learn many verses in their books, play games and learn more about God.  Periodically, they have EXTRA fun nights!

Last year, we forgot!!!!

SO -- 

This year we did some extra work to do it up!!!

Elizabeth with LOTS of braids and hair pretties!!

BaJabs with her hair UP, all tied with lots and lots of hair ties.

My Darling with her hair pulled back and made into a birds nest for a Peep WITH gummy worms added to the sides ;)

Funny, for High School Youth Group it was girls night -- where the guys serve the girls.  So, they all dressed nice!

MD with his girlfriend B. all dressed-up for the special night at Youth Group.