Saturday, July 11, 2015


What an absolute blessing to be able to send our children to church camp!!!

We are blessed to have numerous wonderful camps close by.  We LOVE Lake Ann Camp.
Both Matt and I went when we were children


The camp has changed SO much!!!!  
The campus is absolutely amazing!

Check out the website ---

I brought up three of the kids.  JM is attending Fresh Start and both girls are attending the Juniors camp.  

The three kids right before they go their separate ways ;)

 BaJabs with her friend and her counselor.

 My Darling with her friend and her counselor. 

This was the first time I left BaJabs as I have been protective because of her leg and slight differences ;)  I called early about it and they picked the PERFECT counselor for her.  She wanted to talk a bit with me at the beginning but really -- she did a fabulous job with BaJabs during the week.  I am SO glad she was able to experience this.  

Yes, I thought it would be best for the two girls to be in separate cabins.  Although, My Darling checked on BaJabs daily and if there was pain in her stub -- My Darling was her advocate!!!!  LOVE THIS!!! The girls even had other campers comment on how they take care of each other -- My Darling's response -- 'We are family, that's what you do!'  The other camper responded, 'Well, I WISH our family was like that.'  

I also LOVE Lake Ann posts pictures throughout the week ---

Well, with hundreds of campers each week, I was THRILLED all three of my children were in pictures multiple times.  It is fun to see what they are up to :)

 Look at the junior attitudes :)

 My two are right in front watching the game.

 My two are in purple on the left side singing and having fun!!!

 My Darling hula-hooping

 JM on the Challenge course.  ALTHOUGH -- he was on the river rafting 1/2 of the week.  

I love how the camp incorporates fun camp activities with Christ-center lessons and activities.  The juniors learned about being a good friend and how Jesus shows us how to do this.  JM's lessons were centered around the changes that are happening for this age -- moving to high school.  They talked about Esther and how she listened and did what God wanted her to do for such a time as this.

The end of the week all of the different camps join for the Glory Bowl -- a big fire!  The campers have the opportunity to go up front and tell the group what God did in their lives during the week.  

All three of the kids had an amazing week!  Camp is really an expensive activity BUT so unbelievably worth it!!!!  We are so blessed God has allowed the finances for us to send the kids.  Thankfully, if they learn verses at church they can earn money to be put towards camp.  YES, my kids do this!!! It helps AND adds more of God's word to their lives!!!

All in all an AMAZING week --
 Oh, and a very quiet one for me ;)

P.S.  Some might wonder about the other two children.  Well, MD worked all week.  Elizabeth had a sleepover with Other Nanny, spent some quality time with mom and dad AND got to experience real camping for 2 1/2 days with Lauren and her family -- she LOVED it!!!

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