Friday, July 17, 2015

Day 2 YueYang Reunion

Day 2 -- French Link, Indiana

First off -- we are staying at a beautiful resort.
French Link Resort

Front - main section as you are driving in 

Back of the main hotel from the Gardens

There are so many things to do, included in the actual room price PLUS there are many things to do for an additional charge ;)

Yes, there is a trolley and a shuttle service to get around at the resort.

Cool bikes as well!

We decided to start the day with a pony ride.  My Darling and her YueYang sister M. thought this would be fun.

My Darling and her pony Spice.
M. and her pony Little Sam.

My Darling thought the pony ride was 'AWESOME!'

M. is the youngest of the YueYang sisters :)  She is just 20 some days younger than My Darling.

Next, we did a scavenger hunt throughout the resort.  We were placed in groups of 5 -- NOT by families.  ALTHOUGH My Darling and I ended up on the same team :)

Getting everyone organized!

The BLACK team!!!

We had to look for clues all over the resort and answer questions by finding items around.  It was lots of fun.  Matt's team came in 3rd and our team came in 4th.  It was a fun way to see all the resort has to offer AND to be mixed up and work with others from our group.  

Finding the next clue.

Next, the girls all had a final clue they had to solve.  It took a bit BUT the end result was a large suite where they would have a sleep-over tonight.  
WOW -- were they excited.  I am so glad my room is not next to THAT room ;)

We also had group photos before dinner.  The girls all have matching shirts and the other family members are in matching colors.  We are a BIG group!!!
Unfortunately, only the photographer has the FULL group.  I will post when I get it.

After pizza there was lots of fun in the pool.  Many of the girls with some parents played lots of water volleyball.  They had so much fun!

S'mores were made out on the deck at 8:30 -- everything was so organized for us. 

Wonderful music on the front wrap-around deck.


to finish off the night for the girls ---

A sleep over in a suite!!!
Doesn't this look fun??!!!

They had some fun activities, movies and LOTS of yummy snacks!!!

Hmmmmmm.................I wonder how all of these girls will be tomorrow??????

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