Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Fun Camera Finds

I LOVE to keep all of my pictures update and organized on my computer 


The reality of life is .......

Sometimes it goes weeks and months before I have time to really sit down and put time into it!

Well, I did have one of those 'sessions' lately -- 


Normally, I am doing this REALLY late at night -- with NO ONE awake!

WELL --- 

I had some FUN/INTERESTING finds ---

They just made me smile ---

SO, I thought I would just post for others to 'JUST SMILE' as well!

 The two posing outside -- they had been apart for a week!

Someone -- capturing the boys laughing at a video --- YES, I LOVE this!!!  I can just hear their belly laughs!!! 

REALLY!!!!????? WHO took this photo --- AND why????
It made me laugh!!!! 

 Oh, my sweet BaJabs is growing up!!!

 They are in daddy's farm truck AT the farm IN the hoop barn --- hmmmmmm......


My Darling taking a selfie with MY phone --- LOVE it!!!!

I am sure it was obvious MANY people in the family snap pictures when there is something interesting or when they THINK something is interesting.  I LOVE seeing their views through pictures -- 

Thank-you Lord for fun and interesting children!
I am blessed!


Thank-you for bringing these pictures to my eyes TONIGHT to make me smile :)

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