Saturday, July 18, 2015

Day 3 YueYang Reunion

Day 3 -- The final day of the YueYang Reunion

The day started around 10 am for us by getting up and going to get My Darling from her sleep over.  

They were all up and moving -- some were VERY tired!!!  My Darling was the 2nd one in her sleeping bag and out at around midnight!  Well, it was hours later before the last one was out!

Thankfully, the big event of the day was not scheduled until 1:00 pm.  So, we took it easy the rest of the morning.  
We took the French Lick Scenic Train Ride.  Today was another VERY hot and humid day -- around 100 degrees.  Thankfully, we got into one of the two air condition cars -- there were five cars besides the engine.

All of the girls decided to sit on the upper deck of our car.  This was a nice relaxing ride.  This was a good time for the girls to chill -- they were totally contained and could only relax.  It was good for them :)

 When we arrived back at the station it was raining -- but we just had to snap a quick - cute - picture of My Darling with two of her 'sisters.'

Next, the girls went in different directions.  Some went to the pool, some to the basketball courts, others took a rest and some to the arcade.  Yes, mine decided to go to the arcade.  SO -- dad did this activity and mom went back to the -- cold -- room and relaxed!!!

Before dinner we had the 'professional' session for the girls.  Unfortunately, right when we arrived at the gardens a thunderstorm rolled through -- we made it work in the gazebo until we could get back outside!  Thankfully, we are all flexible :)

 They are all growing up to be AMAZING young ladies!!!

 ONE of our beautiful daughters!!!


 This was an awesome opportunity we had to make this trip with just My Darling.  It was a very special time for her with her YueYang sisters BUT also a special time with just us. I am thankful the other children were well taken care and had a great time as well while we were gone!

Next, we were off to dinner -- Chinese food.
This was an interesting experience as this is a small town and this restaurant does not usually have this many guests.  Yes, we had reservations and gave weeks of notice.  BUT it is just a husband/wife restaurant.  The food was good BUT it took FOREVER to get the food.  We were there over 2 1/2 hours!! 

 Cute selfie I found on my phone tonight -- this was taken at dinner!

After dinner we had a couple of girls perform.  

 S. did a classic Chinese Fan dance.  Absolutely, lovely -- My Darling LOVED this!

P. performed a ballet dance she designed herself based on her adoption.  Again, amazing.  She also sang beautifully a song from Annie which was pretty emotional for the moms.

Other girls did a few gymnastic things.  Unfortunately, we did not come prepared with the violin.  Although, everyone knows this is on the agenda for next year.  We will have a mini talent show to give each of the girls an opportunity to showcase what they are working on.

YES -- it is getting late -- BUT we had to just have more time in the pool.

AND to finish the night off --
My Darling had a mini-sleepover with S.

I am guessing we will have a VERY sleepy girl tomorrow -- She will fall asleep in the car within 30 minutes of leaving the resort!  

This has been an amazing time for these girls.  Many live so far apart yet we feel like we are a part of their lives.  The girls get along and enjoy being together.  They have vast areas of interest. Yet, they all try things and have fun together.  

We are looking forward to next year already -- it is looking like the East Coast next year!

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